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Upcoming Events

Identifying Our Core Values | August 24th | 12pm

We’re living in times where our values are coming to the forefront of all of our conversations. The line between personal and professional values are becoming more and more blurred as we grapple as a nation -- and as a community -- with historical systemic racism, lack of public health infrastructure, and where our values fit in.

These current events are highlighting the need to be clear on our values at all times, not just when our communities are in crisis. Our values are crucial not only in current times, but also in moving forward, no matter what they are and how they intersect.

Join Vaishali Jadhav and Vuka for this Monday’s With Meaning workshop to dive deeper into identifying our core values as an individual and as a business community. Let’s learn how we can move forward with more intentionality, communication, and change.

About the Vaishali Jadhav

Vaishali started her career nearly 20 years ago as a Consultant with the Gallup Organization where she used the organization's thought leadership on employee engagement to help

clients cultivate engaged leaders and cultures. After receiving her M.B.A and a career in Washington, D.C., she accepted a role at Whole Foods Market. At Whole Foods Market, she worked on a variety of talent management programs including co-producing its inaugural Team Member Innovation Challenge, facilitating Global strategic planning and stakeholder summits, and launching the learning and culture program for WFM’s new store concept, 365 by Whole Foods Market. She is most proud of her work in supporting WFM’s Academy for Conscious Leadership – an immersive leadership program designed to help leaders cultivate the tenets of Conscious Capitalism.

She is currently focusing on cultivating strong leaders in tech. She designed the manager development philosophy at, is an Instructor at the University of Texas Center for Professional Development and is a 2020 Culturati Fellow.

Vaishali served as President of the Austin Chapter for Conscious Capitalism and is a Board Member for 3 Day Startup.

Vaishali received her B.A from the University of Texas at Austin and her M.B.A from Rice University.

- Past Events -

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The New Normal Starts With You

May 18th | 1:00pm

We can easily become fixated on trying to control the external conditions of life, but recent events have reminded us just how chaotic and unpredictable life can be. In this workshop, we’ll be focusing on looking inward to create “a new normal” of how we choose to show up in the world regardless of life’s circumstances so we can flourish and prosper in harmony.

Soulful Somatics with Sade Jones

May 27th | 1:00pm

This workshop is centered around listening in to deep truth - using the body as a vehicle for self discovery, healing and empowerment. Sadé's practice stems from the premise that we are innately whole. Using breath and creativity, we dissolve the layers of lived experience to get to who we BE. Intentionally curated music, movements and storytelling brings authentic joy to the process of healing. This vibe is unmistakably full of soul.

Grief: Community Discussion

Friday, May 8th | 1pm

Vicki Hagadorn, Founder of Freedom From Grief leads our this All the Feels Friday with a feeling we may all be experiencing in these weird COVID-19 times: grief.

In this community dialogue, Vicki leads us through the unique definition of grief and gives us the opportunity to dive deeper into liberating ourselves from grief.

Musing Moment with Rashanna Moss

April 29th | 3:30pm

TIMEOUT! Timeout out from the uncertainty, confusion and chaos. We are taking a moment just for you. For you to hear yourself again and to connect to all that you are. Find a quiet space to join us in a musing session (meditation+visualization) where we'll align mind, body and soul and fully bring ourselves forward in all of our presence. We will feel all the feels, and leave with more peace and grounding.

Mindset Shifts to Drive Your Growth with Reagan Pugh

May 4th | 1:00pm

Acquiring new knowledge and skills is a surefire way to develop as a young professional. But none of that does any good if your mind ain't right. Our growth and fulfillment in our lives and work is impacted most by the mindsets we adopt on a daily basis. The most effective leaders have put in the time to reflect on the health of their mindsets, and actively root out negative thoughts.

Navigating Our Collective Grief


Vicki Hagadorn, Founder of Freedom From Grief leads our first All the Feels Friday with a feeling we may all be experiencing in these weird COVID-19 times: grief.

In this self-guided video module Vicki leads us through the unique definition of grief and gives us a prompt to help us navigate our own feelings of grief. Are we feeling mad, sad, glad, afraid or embarrassed? How can we go deeper to identify our feelings and learn from them?