Squash Your Goals this Fall

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Let’s pretend the air is crisp in Austin and the forecast is not consistently over 100 degrees.

I vote for Autumn to be the new time of year we set resolutions. January is the start of a new year, yes. (technically September is in the Jewish faith). But is a new year really the right time to set goals and resolutions? September has symbolically been a month of transitions (back to school, the leaves changing, PSLs, etc). So let’s turn over a new leaf and make Autumn the new time for resolutions and goal-setting!

I know what you’re probably thinking, why not have Spring be the new January? After all it is literally renewal happening; flowers, trees, Easter, literally all the things are coming back to life. 

But I still pick Fall. Maybe partly because it’s my favorite season and maybe partly because it’s always been a time for new classmates, new school supplies, new clothes, and new adventures. It was always a time to renew myself. 

And renewal and reflection is an important part of success. Here are just 4 ways to set (and squash) goals for yourself in the coming months and stick to them through the new year.

Fall into a routine of planning

Take a long weekend to set achievable goals at work and at home. Get together with your pet, partner, and/or family and visualize what you’d all like to do in the coming months. And work towards planning that together.

What will you be reflecting on in January? Fall is far enough away from January that when the time comes, you can easily reflect on your Fall goals in the new year.

Reflection: harvest your successes and failures

Reflect on the summer, what was successful about it? What wasn’t? How do you want to continue that success into the fall and winter? Our friends over at Assemble have a great reflection activity to get the gears turning on how to best set yourself up for success.


The leaves don’t have to be the only thing changing this Fall. Whether that’s through work or personal goals, identify something you’d like to see change and create a plan for getting them done. It’s always important to note that “earn revenue” and “lose weight” are not strategic goals. In order to earn revenue or lose weight, you have to set active, strategic goals that help you obtain the larger tent-pole goal. 

Our program partner Ada Ryland facilitates workshops and courses that help new founders and business owners on their individual path. 

We have other members at the Hub focused on your personal path to wellness as well. Impact Hub Austin also offers monthly massages as well as exclusive invitations to public events happening at our venue partner; Gather Venues.

Trick or treat yourself!

Fall is one of the busiest seasons in Austin. The roads get filled with (even more) traffic, kiddos go back to school, and those Fall events and galas start happening the first week of September. Time is sparse and oh-so-valuable, it’s important to take it for yourself every now and again. Treat yourself for the successes of summer and move towards rewarding yourself this Fall.

If setting one goal is what you’re capable of this season, do it! And reward yourself for taking the time to focus on you. Whether that’s skipping work early one day for a happy hour with friends, enjoying that extra scoop of ice cream, taking a yoga class, or literally anything that makes you happy — you deserve it! 

You’ve put in the work this year, you deserve to reap the rewards before the holidays start. 

What are your tips for goal-setting and planning? Leave a tip in the comments!