Our Story


We all deserve the space to grow and evolve.

Vuka began as a small yet mighty idea in a warehouse off of South 1st Street in Austin. With a belief that everyone deserves the space and resources to wake up to their fullest potential, we began designing shared workspaces, programs, and event spaces that inspire and spark change.

In Zulu, Vuka means to wake up. It's a verb the symbolizes resurrection and understanding. When we live a life that is more awake, we can be more connected to ourselves and to our communities.

We at Vuka are inspired to create space where people can do just that; we provide the space needed to be inspired, to be connected, and to create a better world for everyone.

That mighty idea has expanded to two locations in Central Austin that creates, cultivates, and provides dynamically-designed spaces for the community at large.

Vuka exists to create modern-day community hubs that foster connection and drive impact.

The dynamic spaces offered are used for public and private events, shared workspace, and offices, as well as Vuka’s own leadership workshops and business accelerators,  focused on community and global issues congruent with today's evolving landscape.

Vuka's Core Values

Intentional: We are thoughtful, curious, considerate, and we aspire to make
space for others. From our staff to our peers, motivation and support are abundant for all who enter.

Connected: We are team players, bringing a collaborative and supportive energy and vivaciousness to all we do, and acting beyond the self alone.

Wonder-full: We are genuine, fun, and energizing, and we invite all who enter our space to join in – after all, there’s something awe-inspiring here that we love to share. This is part of the VUKA DNA: it’s not just about what we offer, it’s about what dwells within.