Vuka Foundation

Addressing gaps in opportunity


Vuka Foundation exists to serve nonprofits and social enterprises that have a critical need for physical and business infrastructure.

We do this by providing subsidized event, meeting, and workspace, a collaborative community of changemakers, and programming to accelerate and sustain impact.

The inequitable distribution of resources to women, people of color, and small nonprofits is known as the opportunity gap. Vuka Foundation exists expressly to address this gap.

All nonprofits and social enterprises that we serve are Austin-based. Their primary constituents are in both Central Texas and international communities.

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“As a small nonprofit venture, having a beautiful and professional office space contributed significantly to our mission. 2018 was our most impactful year as an organization, and it’s not an accident that it correlates with being in this space. Affordable, creative office space can be a missional advantage for nonprofits trying to do more good in the world.”

- John Nehme, Executive Director & Founder, Allies Against Slavery

Vuka Foundation provides:

Event and Workspace

Nonprofits and social enterprises often lack the physical infrastructure needed to create, sustain, and scale lasting impact and deliver their mission. The Vuka Foundation provides them and their initiatives with event, meeting, and workspace through subsidies.

A Collaborative Community

Our community hub is an intentionally-curated space of professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives who will encourage each other’s best work, become strong collaborators, and foster belonging.

Programs for Impact

Vuka partners with Conscious Capitalism to deliver thoughtful programs. We provides business advancement programs, including an annual Austin Impact Accelerator and educational opportunities for our community members.