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Looking for Corporate Event Venues in Austin?

COVID-19 Has Changed Typical Corporate Event Venue Options  COVID-19 isn’t yet in our rearview mirrors, but we have learned how to coexist to some degree.…

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vuka coworking main space

Coworking Space in Austin, TX Is Easy to Find

What Is Coworking Space? Coworking space is best defined as the sharing of office space, typically by self-employed, independent professionals who prefer working in a…

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lamar event space

Want a Unique Event? Start with a Unique Event Space.

Unique Event Spaces Are All The Rage You can have a spectacular event planned, but if you host it at a ho-hum event space, you…

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small coworking office space tables

Looking for a Short-Term Office in Austin? Learn How

What’s Driving The Need for Short-Term Office Space in Austin In the past, finding short-term office space in Austin was a bit competitive. The concept…

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The Best Wedding Venues in Austin: Even During a Pandemic

COVID-19 Was Not Invited There is hardly a person alive on this planet that hasn’t in some way been impacted by COVID-19. Beyond trying to…

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What You Need to Know about Flexible Office Space in Austin

Flexible Office Space in Austin: Fad or Trend?  A fad is something that gains instant attention and enthusiasm but lasts for only a short time.…

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An Office at a Coworking Space is Better Than a Traditional Office Lease

Have you ever wondered what the differences between renting an office at a coworking space and a traditional office lease are? On the surface, it…

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4 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings and Events Keep Us Connected

None of us in the event industry thought we’d still be here by July. We anticipated a rough spring and planned for a summer of…

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Coworking Spaces During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A lot of sources out there are writing about “post-COVID times,” what businesses, airports, family gatherings, etc will look like in the wake of our…

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