The Benefits and Costs of Private Office Spaces

The Benefits and Costs of Private Office Spaces

The world of work today looks very different from the working model of years past. Gone are the days of clocking in and out at the office every day for many companies across the globe. Instead, businesses are embracing a hybrid working model that allows employees to work from home a number of days a week, and some employees even work remotely full-time. 

Countless studies and surveys continue to show that working remotely can provide a better work-life balance, and promotes overall happiness. In fact, a study performed by FlexJobs in 2022 found that only 3% of professionals were interested in returning to the office. But fully remote work has drawbacks, as well, and isn’t always the best option. Many businesses are adopting a hybrid work model, which allows employees to work remotely some days a week and meet together on other days.

Because of this, private office spaces are now the up-and-coming place for busy professionals to work, collaborate, and network. But what is the cost of private office space, and are the benefits worth the expense? Let’s take a look at how private office spaces are a better long-term solution for remote work, and how they’re worth every penny you’ll pay.

Although coffee shops and other public spaces can work as remote office spaces in a pinch, it’s nice to have a quiet adaptive space where you can focus and collaborate with team members when necessary. Private office spaces come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to pay close attention to the details, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

What’s Included in the Cost of Private Office Space?

When shopping around for the right space, it’s important to look at what’s built into the monthly cost. The cost of private office space may be based on square footage along with the number of people who will be using the space. Additionally, each office space will likely include amenities that can make working remotely a pleasure and a breeze.

Some of the most common amenities include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • A communal kitchen space with coffee
  • A communal dining area
  • Parking spaces

By utilizing a private office space, you gain ultimate control over the noise and activity level, as well as the privacy of your environment. Tour a few facilities to find the one with the price point and amenities that suit your needs best. 

Three Different Types of Workspaces to Rent

Coworking office spaces, dedicated desks, and private office spaces are generally priced based on the office size and location. Expect each setup to come with its own list of benefits, and choose the one that suits your individual requirements. To determine which type of office setting you need, it’s important to ask yourself two questions. How often do you plan on using the space, and how many people will be using it? Then you can determine which of the three different types of office spaces is ideal for you.

1. Coworking Office Space

A coworking office space typically consists of a large, open room with expansive tables and plenty of seats. Here, you’ll find a nurturing environment that fosters creativity, networking, and collaboration with people across a wide variety of industries. Although remote work can be extremely productive, it’s also nice to have a place to be productive around like-minded people.

2. Dedicated Desks

Dedicated desks are workspaces that are a fantastic choice for professionals who want to arrange an office space exactly how they like it — and leave it that way. They’re designed for an individual to set up their monitor, keyboard, and other equipment in an area that’s designated for them alone. It provides a quiet workspace with all the amenities of a coworking office space along with easy access to a community of supportive professionals. Generally, dedicated desks are available 24/7, so you can work the hours that suit your schedule best.

3. Private Office Space

Private offices come in all sizes to accommodate individuals and large work groups. Each private office space should offer a quiet place where teams can work together, or where individuals can work without interruptions. Best of all, these functional spaces fill in the gaps that are created when team members work remotely, but still need to occasionally meet in person.

The Benefits of Private Office Spaces

The cost of a private office space should provide an inclusive spot that promotes productivity and collaboration, without all the distractions of a busy coffee shop, public library, or home office. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds

A 2022 study of over 28,000 people around the world found that “hybrid work has improved every area of employee performance, work-life balance, well-being, and company culture.” When you opt for a private office space, you get the best of both worlds—the ability to work remotely and also have access to an office when you need it. 

There’s no question that there are myriad benefits to working in a community with other like-minded professionals. A private office space provides the perfect place to bridge the gap between remote and in-person work. It balances the need for a community of ambitious professionals along with the need for a quiet space where you can focus on the work at hand.

Minimize Distractions

It’s no surprise that many remote workers complain about distractions. Whether you’re working from home with small children, or you just keep looking at a pile of laundry that needs to be folded, there are plenty of temptations to step away from your desk. Even worse, many employees have a home office setup in their bedrooms, where the bed beckons them for an afternoon nap. Coffee shops and other remote workspaces can be equally distracting, and it can be hard to get anything done. 

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A private office offers a dedicated space that fosters better concentration and enhanced productivity. In short, you’ve got a place that allows you to focus without the noise and distractions of everyday life.

Increase Flexibility For Your Business Operations

Flexibility is the key to success. In fact, according to Forbes, flexible work boosts productivity and significantly decreases the turnover rate for businesses. When important tasks need to be completed as a team, business professionals can successfully work together in a private office space. This allows employees to work remotely without issue, since a designated office space is available whenever the need arises.

Fewer Overhead Costs

It takes a lot of money and planning to operate an in-person office space. The cost of office equipment like printers, fax machines, cubicles, building maintenance and bathroom upkeep can quickly add up, making it harder to turn a profit. Even worse, these concerns can take away from productive business hours. By choosing a private office space, your team can utilize the space when they need it, without having to worry about building equipment and maintenance. The included amenities will ensure that your needs are met and overhead costs remain low.

Foster Collaboration

As more businesses are choosing to use a hybrid work model, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to collaborate and make meaningful connections. Video chats can be incredibly efficient for hybrid teams, but they aren’t always the best way to promote employee engagement and collaboration. 

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When your team needs to work together, a private office space can be the perfect space for everyone to meet. It makes it easy to gather with colleagues for brainstorming sessions and conference meetings without having to struggle through a large group video chat. 

Access Shared Amenities

Amenities, aside from the most commonly needed office equipment, can make the cost of private office space a great value for your money. Most office spaces offer a coffee and tea station for employees to grab a cup of inspiration whenever the mood strikes. Other spaces provide a full kitchen for professionals to enjoy. When shopping around for a private office space, look for a location that offers free parking, conference rooms for collaborative projects, and shared office equipment that meet your project needs.

See How a Private Office Space Can Help Your Business Succeed

Remote work has become the norm, and the future looks bright for professionals who enjoy working from home. As more businesses jump on board, hybrid work is also set to increase, and professionals will need to find working environments that encourage productivity and community. 

At Vuka in Austin, we offer adaptive coworking spaces that are warm, casual, and offer holistic member benefits. Each office space is thoughtfully designed to encourage collaboration in a vibrant community filled with like-minded professionals. Get started, and book a tour to check out our private office spaces for yourself.