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Squash Your Goals this Fall

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Let’s pretend the air is crisp…

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Why the 9-5 schedule could be harming your health

We’re all familiar with the 9-5 grind—especially as Americans. But if you really think about it, and you delve deeply into the research surrounding it,…

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Celebrate Pride: Data Does Not Define LGBTQ Communities

June is Pride Month for most of the nation, (although Austin celebrates Pride in August). Pride parades around the country remind us that true joy…

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The Global Impact of Impact Hub: 5 Fun Facts

Impact Hub is many things: a global community for change, an entrepreneurial ecosystem, a center for social justice initiatives, and a safe, inclusive, welcoming space…

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The best podcasts for creatives and entrepreneurs

There’s nothing quite like a good podcast to get those creative, inspired juices flowing.

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The Best Ways to Maintain a True Work-Life Balance

For many of us in the workforce today, the concept of a “healthy work-life balance” seems like a laughable, magical myth—a hyper-capitalist fairy tale, maybe.…

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4 Best Tools to Increase Productivity

Staying laser-focused and organized throughout the day can be challenging, especially after the inevitable post-lunch slump, when all you want to do is nap under…

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Reimagining the American Dream in Austin

  The current political climate has left a lot of us on edge about the future of this country. A national conversation about walls overpowers…

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3 Reasons Spending Time in Nature Enhances Work Productivity

When you step into the great outdoors—whether you’re spending the weekend camping, hiking for miles amongst trees, or simply sitting in your backyard—do you instantly…

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