An Office at a Coworking Space is Better Than a Traditional Office Lease

Have you ever wondered what the differences between renting an office at a coworking space and a traditional office lease are? On the surface, it seems like there’s not much difference at all. But we know the benefits of your office at a coworking space far outweigh the benefits of a traditional office lease. 

We’ve identified four key reasons why small, medium and large companies will benefit from choosing an office at a coworking space over a traditional office lease. 

private office coworking space austin

1. Your Office at a Coworking Space is All-Inclusive

We’re not going to nickel and dime you.  We aren’t hiding extra fees and add-ons with an office agreement in a coworking space. Everything is included. You have access to your small, private office in Austin and you have access to larger common areas that help boost productivity and help you sustain your coffee drinking habit. 

Most coworking spaces, including Impact Hub Austin, include free access to kitchen space for your entire staff as well as access to community networking events and private conference room space. 

Some additional all-inclusive features at Impact Hub Austin include: 

  • Unlimited fair trade coffee and tea 
  • Free on-site parking
  • Private phone booths
  • Dogs always welcome

2. Utilities and Amenities Are On Us 

private office rentals in austin office at a coworking space

Bid the slew of monthly utility bills goodbye. Your office at a coworking space includes all of your utilities, including the basics like keeping the lights on, but also high-speed Wifi for your team. 

In addition to the basic needs of an office, Impact Hub Austin includes a well-stocked supply of office materials and access to printers and scanners for both you and your teams to focus on your work and not your office supply inventory. 

3. No Long-Term Leases 

office at a coworking space

This may be the silver bullet of why an office at a coworking space is better than a traditional office. You’re not locked into a long-term five or ten-year lease. 

We have extremely flexible office agreement memberships at both of our Impact Hub locations that accommodate teams up to 20. We offer office agreements that range from month-to-month commitments to 18-month commitments. 

While we’re working in tumultuous times, this feature alone is a huge benefit and why your office at a coworking space is a good option. We at Impact Hub Austin work with you and your team to develop the best agreement possible that allows you to thrive while having private, beautiful office space in Austin.  

4. No Insurance or Taxes to Worry About

small office at a coworking space in austin

Along with the all-inclusive feature, your monthly office membership fee includes all taxes and insurance fees. We handle the hassle of all that. 

It’s no secret that taxes in Austin are skyrocketing at unsustainable rates, and we’re here to calm those nerves around increases. We’ll always communicate timely if your annual agreement will or will not have an increase due to taxes. But we always work with you and your company for the best possible solution for your team. 

An office at a coworking space is a great option for a team that wants to focus on their work, not worry about their office space. 

Whether you’ve only worked in a traditional office space, or you’re a veteran at a coworking space, we know the benefits of your private office at Impact Hub Austin outweigh those of traditional office real estate leases, especially as rent prices continue to soar at unattainable rates. 

We’re focused on keeping your team and company productive, comfortable, and creative. An office at a coworking space at Impact Hub Austin relieves some of the common stresses of traditional office space. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our office availability, or your own private office at Impact Hub Austin, get your quote today!