4 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings and Events Keep Us Connected


None of us in the event industry thought we’d still be here by July. We anticipated a rough spring and planned for a summer of recovery and connection. And it’s looking more and more like that was a pipe dream for many in this industry. Planning for the uncertain is hard, we feel that intensely. But hosting an elopement at a small wedding venue in Austin could be the dream event you never knew existed.

While in Austin, mandates keep changing, it’s becoming clear that the best way to curb the spread of the virus is to not have large gatherings. But we also know that there is real power and intimacy in small weddings and events. There is an opportunity for real connection and love to be shared. 

Below we’ve identified four reasons why small, intimate events can keep us connected and hopeful during uncertain times, and how small wedding venues in Austin are adapting.


1. You have more time to truly connect with your guests

If you’ve been to a wedding with 75+ guests you know the brides and grooms are nearly impossible to have lengthy conversations with. They’re constantly bouncing from one family member to another, drinking with a friend, thanking their coworkers for coming, and trying to make sure each guest is thanked and connected with. But for a 4 or 5-hour event, this is nearly impossible to have deep connections during those conversations. 

Having an intimate event allows you time to connect with all of your guests on a deeper level. It allows you time to really thank them for being there. And allows you the opportunity for rich memories with your most beloved guests. 


2. Less planning, money, and stress! 

A Smaller event = less things to stress about! An intimate wedding, elopement or event allows you to focus on the intimate details that matter to you without stressing about how much money it will be to scale that up for all of your guests. 

If you’d like each person to receive a champagne toast, but could never imagine affording that with 150 people, with 10 people, it’s not so daunting. 


3. More opportunities for indulging in small luxuries


This goes hand in hand with saving money. If you’d still like to keep your budget, you have the opportunity to really indulge yourself. Couldn’t imagine renting nice dishware, tablecloths, and other decorations? Well now, with a smaller event you have the opportunity to spend on some extravagant additions, that we have to admit make for the perfect photo opportunities. 

Vuka partners with a lot of rental companies around town that have excellent furniture and vignettes for private weddings and elopements. The luxuries are limitless if you have the cash to spend. For example, serve a fancier plated dinner to guests instead of the planned-buffet (are buffets a thing of the past now?) 


4. You have a story to tell

This is our favorite. We’re living in a time where mindset matters intensely. It’s easy to get caught up in the anger, sadness, grief, and fear when the world is lacking true leadership and guidance on what to do. 

But there has not been an event like this in our lifetime. (And hopefully, we’ll learn from our mistakes and there’ll never be one again). But we’re living in an unprecedented time, it’s a story to tell for the ages. 

“Grandma and Grandpa got married during the pandemic of 2020.” You’ll sit around and tell your grandchildren, (or whoever). It’s a story for the ages. It’s true we’re living in a time where your wedding or event will not look like the one you planned for 2020, but it doesn’t mean the story you tell has to be a sad one. Shifting our mindsets can support us in getting through this weird time and maybe even give us hope for a better tomorrow.