How Meditation Can Improve Your Business

Meditation. You’ve heard all about it. How it helps with anxiety. How it reduces stress. And how it helps you focus, gain clarity and be a more compassionate human.

But, while you’ve heard all about the personal benefits of meditation, have you thought about how learning to meditate can actually improve your business?

When you run a business or work for yourself, your mind is basically your most valuable asset, which means it’s pretty darn important to keep it in good shape. Meditation is one of the best tools we have for combatting stress and uncertainty, and staying sane in the face of all those things we can’t control—which, let’s be real, can seem overwhelming at times.

It’s not just about sitting still, in silence, with your butt on a cushion. Learning how to meditate teaches you discipline. It helps you create healthy habits. It keeps you feeling in control. It helps you handle stress in a way that feels good, and it helps you learn to communicate better when you do feel stressed. It makes you feel more connected to the people in your life. All of this mental stability results in increased productivity, which can be seriously life-changing for your business.

The best part? Literally, anyone can start practicing meditation at any time—you just need 5 minutes and a quiet space. You can meditate in the morning on your yoga mat, in the evening with a glass of wine, or on your commute to work. It’s best to pair your practice with your routine, i.e. when you wake up, after you shower, after dinner, etc. Consistency is a large part of reaping the benefits of meditation. (Of course, it does always help to have a little professional guidance, especially at first.)

So, what are you waiting for? Bring a little clarity and focus to your workplace by incorporating just a few minutes of meditation into your day. We promise you won’t automatically turn into someone who uses the words “good vibes” and “Burning Man”.

Ready to get started on your journey to mindfulness? Impact Hub Lamar is hosting a FREE guided meditation practice and mindfulness series every Tuesday until September 25th! Find out more about this event, including registration details.