4 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings and Events Keep Us Connected


None of us in the event industry thought we’d still be here by July. We anticipated a rough spring and planned for a summer of recovery and connection. And it’s looking more and more like that was a pipe dream for many in this industry. Planning for the uncertain is hard, we feel that intensely.…

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VUKA Visit Austin’s SAFE Alliance

Recently, the Vuka staff toured the SAFE Alliance’s facilities in East Austin. They welcomed us in with open arms and together with other community members we learned about the various programs and services SAFE offers to families and children all around Texas.

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What is the Role of Government in Conscious Capitalism?

Conscious Capitalism is more than just a movement; it’s a philosophy that’s spurred an entire collective of business leaders to create a better world. While the movement and subsequent book and nonprofit were co-founded by Professor Rajendra Sisdodia and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, the idea of Conscious Capitalism has been one that hadn’t…

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Vuka Launches Charitable Foundation, Announces Strategic Partnerships, and a New Website

people laughing

Vuka, a leader in inspirational spaces for events, work, community and growth, officially launches Vuka Foundation, a new strategic partnership with Conscious Capitalism, and a comprehensive website. (AUSTIN, TEXAS – Jan. 9, 2020; source: Juice Consulting) – Since its inception, Vuka has been a leader in shared workspaces and offices, dynamic event venues, as well…

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4 Sustainable Gift Giving Options in Austin (and beyond)

Fa la la la-oh-my-god we’re so close to the holidays. How are you doing with that shopping list? Looking to hire a few elves to help build some toys in your garage? No need. Also those elves are really busy right now up in the North Pole. What’s the saying? Our lack of planning isn’t…

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Stop faking it. Why we should all be more vulnerable at work

The old adage, ‘fake it til you make it’ is something that many working folks can relate to. It’s the idea that climbing the ladder of professionalism and success requires us to get tough instead of vulnerable. It requires us to power through times when we’re tired, sad, anxious, depressed, etc. It encourages us to…

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