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3 Reasons Spending Time in Nature Enhances Work Productivity

When you step into the great outdoors—whether you’re spending the weekend camping, hiking for miles amongst trees, or simply sitting in your backyard—do you instantly…

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Why you should make volunteering a part of your company culture

When coworkers volunteer together, magic happens. We all know how awesome volunteering is—for your community, yes, but also for you. People who donate their time…

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Giving Up in 2019: Taking Less Instead of Giving More

We’ve all heard the term “win, win.” The idea that two parties are winners in a situation, the idea that no one loses in the…

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The 2018 Impact Hub Holiday Gift Giving Guide

There are seemingly countless places to do your holiday shopping in Austin—craft markets, art fairs, Christmas bazaars—but if you, like us, are passionate about equity…

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5 Ways To Inspire Your Coworkers To Vote

The midterm elections are in full swing…perhaps you’ve heard? Election day is Tuesday, November 6th and it’s time to inspire our coworkers, friends, and family…

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On The Front Lines Of Fighting Human Trafficking In Texas With Allies Against Slavery

We’re proud to count the Allies Against Slavery team as part of the Impact Hub family! Read on to find out more about what this…

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How To Pack Better Work Lunches

It’s not uncommon to see Impact Hubbers shoveling sauerkraut (hey, natural probiotics!), chowing down on salmon (the protein!), or devouring kale (oh, the vitamins!) at…

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A Conversation With Well Aware

Well Aware is a nonprofit that provides sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in Africa, with headquarters here at Impact Hub Austin. We recently…

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Uniting Unicorns: Creating Epic Partnerships Between Foundations and NonProfits

“We need to have more authentic and honest conversations in the social sector,” Jessamyn Shams-Lau, said during a live national simulcast on how to create…

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