Why Temporary Office Space In Austin Is Just What You Need

The Coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the dynamics of the world, transforming lives economically, socially, and culturally. But, unfortunately, a vast majority of people and businesses across the globe still struggle to process these changes. 

Doing business the traditional way has pretty much become obsolete as online stores become mainstream and workers want a remote or hybrid workplace. It’s understandable why 60% of businesses couldn’t survive the pandemic and had to shut down. They will most likely never open again. 

However, on the flip side, more than 100,000 small businesses have opened up and taken hold of the market with cutting-edge products, services, and strategies.

Unfortunately, even though restrictions have been lifted for the most part, conditions like social distancing, mandatory lockdowns, and mask mandates could continue to disrupt businesses for the foreseeable future.

That’s why long leases and rental agreements for office premises are no longer feasible. Moreover, business owners find it practical to use temporary office spaces.

Are Temporary Office Spaces Part of the New Normal?

These days, offices are operating at reduced capacity to comply with the social distancing standards or satisfy employee preferences. This practice promotes a more fluid work environment, allowing hybrid and remote work for employees across the board. 

And now that business owners, managers, and employees have discovered the benefits of temporary office space and hybrid models, there’s no going back. In fact, satellite offices, hoteling, telecommuting, and shared workspaces are already replacing the traditional office setups.  

The post-COVID offices will probably have both on-site workers and satellite remote workers. So temporary offices might become a norm more than compulsion.

According to Upwork, 22% of the American workforce will be working remotely by 2025, and they’ll be happy doing it. Furthermore, another survey reports that 77% of remote workers believe they’re more productive while working remotely.

With so much still in flux, it would be smart to invest in temporary office space for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If you want to operate as a successful business in the future, you will have to be more agile and flexible instead of holding to more traditional practices.

The real concern of employers with conventional office setup should be how quickly they would be able to recover if a similar mandatory lockdown situation happens again. 

For those who are still not convinced that temporary office space in Austin is the right option for them, here are a few reasons why investing in it might be right.

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Benefits of Temporary Offices

In a typical temporary office space, you can sign a membership agreement instead of a lease. Moreover, the best part is month-to-month rentals, so you are not tied to an annual lease. 

You can even rent a fully furnished room on a daily or hourly basis for your business from a venue. Those rooms have everything you will need, from desks to office equipment. Operators rent them to you at fixed rates that are all-inclusive of all amenities, like furniture, internet, and conference room access. 

The temporary office space industry is growing every day and is here to stay too. Its value projected by the year 2027 is $111.6 billion.

Here are some reasons why business owners prefer temporary office spaces in Austin: 

Hybrid Workplaces

The post-pandemic workplaces have become more hybrid, rarely operating at full capacity. Hybrid workplaces allow for flexibility and saves you money from leasing unused space. Hence, a lot of companies even have 50% of telecommuting employees.

With some employees preferring to work from home offices, you may not require that big office space anymore. However, you might need to call in employees for a meeting or training session one day. Some work venues offer a smaller space to accommodate the daily in-house workforce and a bigger space whenever you need it. 

Low Overhead Expenses

Business owners don’t have to spend big on temporary office spaces since the premises come complete with all the essentials of running a business. You won’t have to worry about a thing as everything from lightning-fast Wi-Fi and kitchens to daily cleaning and receptionist is taken care of. 

Moreover, you get all of this for a lot less than what you would pay for a permanent lease you may not fully optimize. 

Flexibility for Startups and Struggling Businesses 

When you work from a temporary office, it’s easier to downsize when it’s time to reassess business plans and needs without worrying about the permanent lease.

Moreover, temporary office spaces in Austin are ideal for small startups that don’t exactly know how their business will turn out or how much investment it would require. So, they can’t predict whether they’ll need to expand the office space or stick to the smaller space. Hence, it is best not to take huge risks on a permanent lease. 

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Ideal for All Types of Operations

Inc. magazine showcased 125 companies that are 100% operating in virtual offices. They don’t need a permanent office space all year round, preferring to rent a temporary workspace only when needed and otherwise continue to operate virtually. Look for a work venue that allows for any kind of work structure, offering coworking space, and private offices and conference rooms.

Modern and Inspiring Décor 

Setting up a permanent office space means you will be stuck with the same static aesthetics for a long time unless you plan an expensive renovation. 

You are better off in temporary office spaces that are dynamic, creative, and modern in terms of interior decor, fixtures, and fittings. These spaces allow aesthetic vibrancy that is only limited by your imagination.

H2: Think Outside of the Office Box 

The norms of the permanent business office established back in the 20th century are gradually wearing off. Today, business owners are operating their businesses more comfortably in temporary workspaces.If you need an office space and don’t know where to look, Vuka can help you rent one suiting your needs in no time. Contact Vuka today!