Where to Look for a Private Party Venue

people smiling for a picture at private party

What is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll make when planning a private party?

Where you’re going to have it.

The venue has the power to make or break your party. As such, it’s necessary to have your venue nailed down before you do almost anything else for your party.

Not quite sure how to choose the right private party venue? We’re here for you! Check out these qualities to look for in an event venue.


You’re already going to have plenty of tasks and stress on your plate as you plan your private party. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, bar mitzvah, or a solemn event like a memorial ceremony, there are a thousand little details to tend to. This means you want a private party venue that makes things as easy on you as possible so you can enjoy the event as well.

If you have a large, beautiful home, chances are you might think that hosting the event at your house would be the easiest option. After all, you can immediately check shopping for a venue off your to-do list. However, as “easy” as a home party may seem, it actually creates more work than if you hosted it at a private party venue.

You’ll be managing multiple vendors at once, hiring and coordinating a caterer, bartender, wait staff and audio/visual professionals. You may need to rent tables, chairs and tablecloths. Along with all the last-minute event details, you have to deal with cleaning, decorating and preparing your home for the party. 

Depending on the venue, you may only work with them. They arrange the beverage and bar service, catering, rentals, audio/visual setup and even transportation options. You tell them what you want, approve certain items, and simply show up to a prepped venue where you can add finishing touches. The best part? No clean up afterwards. Just thank your guests for coming, gather your belongings, and head  home.

We haven’t even touched any of the other aspects, such as enough space for your guests or a large enough kitchen for food prep, but you get the idea. Hosting a party in your home is anything but easy.


A private event should be, well, private. Hosting your party at a restaurant or other semi-public place can get cumbersome. You don’t want random people popping by your space to see what’s going on or sharing your space with uninvited guests.

To give your event the sophistication you’re looking for, you need to choose a private party venue that provides privacy. Parents can relax and let their kids play with their friends, knowing that only the people in attendance are around. 

Indoor/Outdoor Space

Because of the pandemic, people have fallen in love with the outdoors all over again. Being outdoors is still a safer option instead of cramming into an exclusively indoor venue.

Of course, you always have to worry about the weather when choosing an outdoor space. It’s also good to have a backup plan if you’re planning to hold some of the festivities outdoors.

A venue that offers both indoor and outdoor space is the perfect compromise. You can plan to host your event in the outdoor section, but if it looks like rain on the day of the event, you can easily bring things indoors with no stressful last-minute rushing around.

Creative and Unique Features

You’ll often be bringing your own decorations to personalize your private party; however, it makes it nice if the venue already has some creative and unique features. 

For example, a garden with old, overarching trees gives an average venue an entirely different feel. Plus, they offer shade for a daytime event as well as plenty of space to hang fairy lights or other decorations. Outdoor spaces may not need as many floral arrangements and decorations, either.

Indoor venues may include unique furniture, beautiful art, large windows and vaulted ceilings you can use to your advantage.  Even a simple background gives you more ability to create a unique look by using inexpensive decorations like balloons, twinkle lights, flowers, or experiment with ideas from Pinterest.

In the Instagram age, keep an eye out for a little corner that you can turn into a fun and Insta-worthy photo backdrop. Your younger guests, especially, will appreciate the added touch.


Of course, you don’t want to blow your whole party budget on the venue. The perfect venue will supply everything we’ve talked about and still be affordable. Many hotel event spaces are gorgeous and spacious, but far too expensive.

Affordable can be defined in many different ways so you have to work out your own venue budget. Start with the type of party and the number of people you’ll be hosting. Talk with different venues to get a sense of what is included in their price. Some venues offer packages that include most everything you need, saving you incredible amounts of time and headaches. You may be willing to pay a little extra for that peace of mind.

The main thing to look for here is value. Choose a venue that presents a good value for the space. For example, does the price include furniture and seating? Renting chairs is a big expense that Is often overlooked.

What about other amenities? Access to a prep kitchen is always a big benefit and smaller rooms for privacy are a nice touch for guests.

Time to Party!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect private party venue? We hope these tips have helped you narrow down what you’re looking for so you can find the perfect spot for your event.

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