How to Choose a Corporate Event Venue

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It’s a Great Time to Plan a Corporate Event

It is no secret it has been a tough year for everyone, especially the working people of the world.

We have all been sheltered without much in-person contact: no corporate events and no need for corporate event venues. With people working jobs inside their homes, there is nowhere to escape the stress that can come with a job. 

According to a Gallup study, “about one in eight workers — roughly 180 million employees in the countries studied — are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations.” Some struggled with no sense of urgency or motivation without incentive to work towards. 

With the light at the end of the tunnel and Covid restrictions easing up, it is time to give your employees something to look forward to. Even if they are simply celebrating getting through this whirlwind of a year, it is time to bring corporate events back. Finding a corporate event venue to organize something fun to gather your people together is the perfect way to bring that spark back. 

There are still some changes that have to be made, including taking safety precautions, but there are many spaces that value your safety as much as you do. Also, some larger corporate event venues that were go-tos in the past have shut down, making it harder for companies to plan these celebratory gatherings. They are being turned in the direction of outdoor venues or smaller and more intimate gathering spaces. 

Thankfully, you can have both. Some event venues offer both indoor and outdoor spaces to give you ultimate flexibility and a great vibe.

What Your Event Will Do for Your Employees

There are so many benefits that come with a simple event for your company. Aside from giving them something to look forward to, it also serves as validation to show them that what they are doing is not going unnoticed.

According to Indeed for Employees, “Employees who are recognized, valued and rewarded for their achievements often feel a sense of loyalty to their employer and are more likely to stay at companies longer.” 

Celebrating the hard work of your employees or rewarding them with a fun get-together outside of the office is a way to show your appreciation for all they do. These celebrations also serve as an incentive to keep it up, because after the first event they will be back to work to assure there is more where that came from. 

Bonding is another great benefit because there is no downside to bringing your employees closer to one another. It is a simple and easy way to create friendships in the office that will make people look forward to coming to work each day. This instantly improves company culture and increases overall morale.

Types of Corporate Events to Get Your Employees Back in the Social Scene

Everyone works harder when there is something to push them to that finish line. If a company tells their employees they have a celebration coming up, it can boost company morale and increase productivity. 

The benefit of a corporate event venue outside of your office is offering a change of scenery that is refreshing and allows your employees to escape from reality. 

Holiday Party

A holiday is a perfect cause for celebration, and you have a ton of different occasions to choose from. This party doesn’t have to be costly or elaborate; it just gives your company a reason to come together and enjoy the special day. A fun idea you can consider adding to this, depending on the holiday, would be some sort of gift exchange to encourage your employees to do something nice for one another. 


A retreat is the best way to bring your company together to bond in an offsite, unique environment. Most of the conversations that happen in the workplace surround the job, and people never really bond. Retreats don’t have to be far away or overnight. Just giving your employees some space to talk about things other than work can work wonders. It is also so much easier to complete a project with people that you know well because you understand what needs to be done for them to be their best selves. 

Product Launch Party

There is no feeling quite like finishing a long project or launching a new one. These accomplishments are milestones for your company, and they can call for celebration. While gathering for other reasons is also necessary and fun, celebrating and encouraging hard work is motivating, inspiring people to work together to achieve a common goal. It leaves your employees feeling accomplished and wanting to keep up the good work.

Seminars and Conferences

Last but not least, having conferences or seminars in a corporate event venue is the perfect blend of fun and educational. You can invite a speaker to cover topics related to work or your industry, personal development, or motivation – boosting their confidence and purpose. This can also open the floor to collaboration, sparking ideas whilst stimulating creativity. 

What Makes a Good Corporate Event Venue?

Choosing the right corporate event venue is the backbone of your event, and you want to make sure it has everything you envisioned. Another point to consider is that since this event is for your employees, let them decide! 

Allowing for input from them regarding what they want at this celebration will ensure it is enjoyable. It also gives them the change to contribute, making them feel like they contributed and their voice is being heard. This can also introduce ideas that you would not have thought of on your own. 

Many spaces include amenities essential to a successful celebration, such as parking, catering, decorations, audio/visual set up, and more. Just make sure you know what’s included in the price and what is considered an add-on.

Wherever you choose to host your event, think about whether its location is convenient for your guests. You may also want a flexible space, one with outdoor and indoor options. With COVID still a concern, offering an outdoor space is a good idea.

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It’s Time To Celebrate!

Planning in advance is necessary for a successful corporate event because it will ease the potential stress that involves choosing a venue, and organizing food and supplies. Also, it allows your employees ample time to plan ahead and assure their attendance amidst busy schedules and other commitments. 

Plus, after the planning is done, the fun begins. This is your opportunity to make the event your own. For example, why not throw a theme in the mix or add in a prize or two? 

All the little things can be taken care of with the right venue. We can help provide you with everything you need to make this event the talk of the office until the next one rolls around. All you have to do is pick your occasion, gather the crew, enjoy yourselves, and watch as it transforms your work environment. Now let’s get to celebrating!