Coworking Spaces During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A lot of sources out there are writing about “post-COVID times,” what businesses, airports, family gatherings, etc will look like in the wake of our lifetime’s biggest public health crisis. But what about during the pandemic? It’s obvious that here in Austin we’re still battling with the beast.

It's becoming increasingly evident that it is a tough logistical challenge to balance both public health and our financial health. Here at Vuka, we’re interested in what workspaces will look like within the pandemic.

We’re doing everything we can to ensure that our members, visitors, and staff are safe and taken care of while they're in our buildings. But here are four thoughts we have about what coworking spaces in Austin will look like during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Masks in Common Areas 

In Austin, our Mayor has made it mandatory for all businesses to require face masks while customers and staff are using the space. There are some exceptions to the rule, but they’re limited. Face masks are known to stop the spread of disease, not entirely, but more than without.

Masks are going to be the new normal for the foreseeable future. Until there’s a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19, the virus will still be spreading throughout our community. Because of this, it’s crucial for coworking spaces to take local orders seriously in stopping the spread and remaining open: allowing people to work in spaces other than their homes may be a key indicator in productivity.

2. More Flexible Membership Options 

Along with the economic repercussions from the pandemic, there are logistical ones that can help mitigate the spread in Austin. By offering dynamic options for coworking memberships in Austin, people will have the opportunity to come into spaces at different times, minimizing the crowds and contact with others.

For example, Impact Hub Austin has created new options, like extending our shared workspace membership into 24/7 access. We’ve also created part-time memberships and a parent flex membership option, to decrease the number of people in our space while offering more accommodating options during tough economic times.

3. Higher Interest in Private Spaces 

This goes without saying, right? Folks will be more interested in private spaces that they have private access to. While there are a lot of predictions of the future of office space after this pandemic, during it, people will be sure to be interested in private offices and memberships opportunities.

At Impact Hub Austin, we have a number of available office spaces at both of our locations that are completely private to you and your team. Learn about our office availability here.

4. Childcare Solutions for Parents 

The lack of childcare has put a huge wrench in a lot of plans for parents of young children. Both having to focus on their jobs, homeschooling, and childcare is a juggling act that takes more grace than is given credit for.

During the pandemic, we think coworking spaces could potentially offer unique solutions to parents struggling with access to childcare. Although not the perfect solution, our Parent Flex Plan allows two caregivers in the same household to share a membership plan. This allows them to use our space to get work done and trade-off with their caregiving partner to do the same.