Choosing a Location for Austin Office Space

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Are you struggling in the quest of choosing a location for Austin office space? You’re not alone. The Coronavirus pandemic radically transformed lives socially and economically, changing the dynamics of the working world. 

Mandates such as social distancing, along with the resulting recognition of the benefits of hybrid workspaces, have decreased the popularity of traditional office spaces. In fact, according to a survey, 39 percent of surveyed small businesses plan to close some or all office space within the next six months. 

In 2022, many restrictions are expected to be lifted from workplaces, but businesses no longer need the same traditional office spaces. With changed time, budgets, and strategies, the primary requirements of office spaces have drastically changed.

Less permanent spaces have become ideal, rendering long-term leases and rental agreements impractical for offices. Businesses now need to look for temporary office spaces to accomodate a hybrid workforce, and many are searching for a space that fits company culture and creates a desirable atmosphere for those working there.

That said, here are some things to consider before choosing a location for Austin office space in this new era of remote and hybrid work teams.

Choosing a Location for Austin Office Space

Austin is a bustling city, iconic for music, art, and tech, and it is also the number one city for startups in the US. This is one of the reasons why 105 people move to Austin per day, significantly increasing the population and propelling the expansion of workspaces in Austin.

Remote work and hybrid workforces offer your employees the freedom of work, but they continue to make conventional office setups obsolete. According to Upwork, about 22 percent of the American workforce will work remotely by 2025.

This is why having a flexible office space rather than the traditional setup will help make your business more cost-efficient. Moreover, in case of another lockdown situation, such office spaces may save your business.

Things to Consider

Typical office settlements may require you to sign an agreement instead of a lease. Before choosing a location for Austin office space, you should consider how many of your employees will work remotely.

If the number of employees working in an office is high, you should consider commercial leases and month-to-month rentals. Look into fully-furnished workspaces that you can rent out temporarily.

To boost the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, a relaxing environment, creative decor, and in-house amenities are important considerations. Additionally, look for conveniences — like gyms, cafes, and eateries — in the area. Such spaces will recharge your employees’ energy levels after some long hours or that high stakes meeting.

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But What About Location?

Many businesses now have virtual teams and a hybrid working model, requiring much smaller office spaces. Your business could use this as an opportunity to reduce operating costs and invest these savings in other profitable ventures. But what are some things to look for when narrowing down a location for your Austin office space?

Accessibility & Parking

Austin has improved public transit, bike safety, and walkability, but it has a high number of vehicles. So when you choose an office space, you need to consider how accessible the office space is. 

Can your employees use public transit to commute to work? How are the roads and traffic? Apart from your employees, you also need to make sure your clients can access the area easily. 

Is it close to the city’s central business area? If your office is too far from the business hub in the city, your clients will have a hard time getting to you without a hassle. 

Also, your office must have sufficient parking space. As we said before, Austin is a predominantly car-dependent city, which means most of your employees will commute to work in personal vehicles. 

Therefore, you need to ensure the location you choose has sufficient parking space. 

Coworking Spaces

Since Austin is one of the best cities for startups, choosing a coworking space can be highly beneficial for businesses with a small workforce. 

Coworking spaces are cheaper and provide you with an opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. From chatting during happy hours to finding an investor, collaborator, or business partner, a coworking office space can help you expand.

Even if you’re not a startup, you can still opt for a coworking space if you’re following a hybrid working model. A smaller space will accommodate your in-house employees comfortably. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about acquiring or maintaining amenities since the space itself typically provides them. 

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Health and Ergonomic Benefits

The Fellowed Workplace Wellness Trend Report found that employees want to be calm and comfortable in their workplaces. 87 percent of the employees reported they would want their employers to offer healthy workspace benefits, such as sit-stands, wellness rooms, and ergonomic seating. 

Meanwhile, 93 percent of the tech employees said they’d stay longer at a company that offered these benefits. When choosing a location for Austin office space, you must consider the ergonomics and convenience of the space too. 

For instance, is the space designed to improve productivity and increase workflow? Does it have a kitchen where your employees can get their caffeine fix for the day? Even better, is it pet-friendly? 

Research has shown that bringing pets to work helps increase productivity and reduces stress. If you allow your employees to bring their furry friends to work and create a workspace with multiple health benefits, you will likely have a higher employee retention rate. 

Price and Commitment

Price is another crucial factor when choosing an office space in Austin. Spending too much on office space or signing a long-term lease likely isn’t feasible in current circumstances and, in many cases, is simply no longer necessary. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when determining a price point for the office location: 

  • Can you pay a three-month deposit for a particular space? 
  • Have you considered the overhead costs, such as maintenance and electronics? 
  • Is the price comparable to other offices in the region? 
  • Do you want to expand your in-office team or shift to a remote work model for the rest of the year? If that’s the case, you need to look for a space that allows expansion at your convenience. 


One of the primary considerations for choosing a location for Austin office space is the amenities. Here are some things to look for: 

  • Outlets and Phone Booths: If you’re a tech-based company, you must ensure that the location you choose has easily accessible outlets and a considerable number of phone booths. It also helps if the space has a readily available printer. 
  • Kitchen: Look for a place with a built-in kitchen so that you don’t have to compromise on the available space to create a make-shift kitchen. 
  • Conference Rooms: Depending on the size of your workforce and the nature of your projects, you might need conference rooms. A conference room should be spacious and have provisions for setting up multimedia projectors. 
  • Mailbox: It’s also helpful if the space already has a dedicated mailbox, especially if you receive a lot of mail and shipments. 

Office Location Size

Typically, it’s recommended that every person in the workspace have 70 square feet of space to themselves. But this may not be true for every business type. For instance, your employees may need larger desks because they use dual monitors. 

Or, you may be able to accommodate two people per desk if they don’t need computers and mainly work with paper documents. Besides the space for employees, you also need to ensure space for staff meetings. 

Is there enough space to conduct meetings with clients? Will the employees be happy with their recreational areas? Is there an extra room in case you need to hire a few extra people for the busy season? 

Get Started

In the post-pandemic world, workplaces are expected to transform significantly. 

Since hybrid workplaces are becoming increasingly popular, businesses should opt for locations with short-term leases that have the right aesthetic appeal, amenities, and size for today’s workforce. Vuka’s workspaces are designed to inspire your workforce and offer a space where you can network, grow, and thrive. We offer a range of amenities, learning spaces, and more. Both of our locations are semi-furnished with desks and chairs to give you a headstart when setting up the workplace. Contact Vuka today to learn more.