Micro Wedding in Austin vs. Elopement Packages for Weddings

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They say everything is bigger in Texas, but the idea of a micro wedding in Austin has become increasingly popular since the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm. And those in The Lone Star State are not alone.

 In a recent survey of couples who were scheduled to get married between September 2020 and January 2021, The Knot and Wedding Wire reported that 58% of couples planned to keep their original wedding date and simply shorten the guest list to fit into a micro wedding venue. 

Who knows how long the pandemic will continue to disrupt the wedding industry, however, it’s become clear it will not slow down the number of people getting married and celebrating their love. The good news is that planning a micro wedding has never been easier. 

Walk down the wedding planning aisle with us as we explore the micro wedding trend and the key details to incorporate in your planning.

Micro Wedding in Austin

There’s no single definition of a micro wedding, as each couple will have their own vision, but the basic concept is a simple one: A micro wedding is a smaller version of a regular wedding. 

An obvious difference is the guest list is generally smaller, ranging from 20 to 50 guests that only includes immediate family and very close friends. The rest of the intimate wedding experience mimics that of a regular wedding and includes an officiant, flowers, wedding traditions, and, of course, a party. 

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Benefits of a Micro Wedding

Whether you’re a couple planning to tie the knot or a wedding planner helping to lighten the load, a micro wedding is a great option to consider. 

And because more couples are choosing to go the route of a micro wedding, more and more suppliers are coming on board. As a result, a micro wedding in Austin is a feasible and practical option. 

Consider these benefits of a micro wedding:

Lower Costs

Unsurprisingly, micro weddings cost much less than larger weddings. There are fewer mouths to feed, and micro wedding venues are typically smaller and less pricey. A study by Refinery29 revealed that pandemic brides spent between $400 to $10,000 on their weddings, a number far less than the pre-pandemic average of more than $30,000 for a wedding.

Freedom of Creativity

Micro weddings remove the pressure for couples to uphold older traditions or to mimic newer trends that are circulating on social media. Less pressure means more freedom for creatively expressing your vision of love and matrimony.

Easier to Plan and More Flexibility

Perhaps the greatest appeal of the micro wedding is the flexibility that it offers. With fewer guests on the guest list, couples can make last-minute changes without having to coordinate with too many people. Again, social pressure and financial stress are reduced.

It’s important to note here that spending less does not mean you need to skimp on extravagance. Remember, your creative juices are flowing and you can still splurge on whatever is most important to you. Plus, saving money now means newlyweds can get a headstart on a downpayment for a house. Or, they may opt to put aside money to plan a sequel wedding that involves a larger reception at a later date.

Alternatives to a Micro Wedding

The surging popularity of the micro wedding in Austin is largely due to the pandemic forcing couples to choose between a reduced guest list or postponing the special day entirely. 

One alternative to a micro wedding is the minimony. These mini events closely resemble a micro wedding, with the guest list typically topping out at ten people. If anything, the minimony is more of a fun buzzword than a significantly different event.

Elopements, on the other hand, offer something different and are also becoming increasingly popular. As Town & Country magazine reports, “For many, scaling down their weddings (in the midst of lockdowns) didn’t make sense, so the elopement trend really began booming.” 

Comparison Between Micro Weddings and Elopements

In the past, elopements were secret and spur of the moment. Today, elopements have evolved to mean something slightly different.

A modern elopement is a fuss-free wedding whereby a couple forgoes the formal wedding and chooses to elope for the ceremony. Unlike traditional elopements, modern elopement does not necessarily involve keeping the marriage a secret from the family. However, it is usually more last-minute and under-the-radar. For those who consider privacy an important factor in today’s environment, eloping is an entertaining option due to its immediate, small-scale nature.

Still unsure what the difference is? The best way to compare micro weddings and elopements is to keep the following in mind:

  • Elopements have a significantly smaller guest list. In most instances, the couple will simply have their witnesses present. In some instances, they may invite two or three members of their immediate family.
  • Micro weddings offer flexibility and creative freedom, while elopements offer limited wedding personalization.
  • While both micro weddings and elopements are affordable alternatives to a larger wedding, elopements are the most cost-effective, sometimes costing as little as a few hundred dollars.

Planning a Micro Wedding

The rise of the micro wedding has allowed many couples to celebrate their marriage as they want, without breaking the bank or enforcing disconnected traditions. As the wedding industry continues to pivot, there are important details to consider when deciding if a micro wedding is right for you and your partner.

What to Look for in a Venue

Just as manners maketh the man, a venue can maketh a wedding. The beauty of a micro wedding is that your venue options are more plentiful because size is less of a factor. Instead of traditional wedding venues, couples can choose to get married at a boutique restaurant, an art gallery, or even on a sunset cruise. 

With no shortage of unique event spaces vying to host your intimate event, some are upping the ante by offering special, all-inclusive packages that feature must-haves like in-house bar service with signature cocktails; wedding photographers and selfie booths; tables, chairs, and florals; DJ services; customized wedding cakes; and parking for all guests in attendance.  

To make the planning process even easier, you can look for a venue that offers the services of wedding experts. Think about how streamlined your event will be when an on-site manager is handling the planning, coordinating services, catering, and more.

Is a Micro Wedding Right for You?

If a destination wedding is your desire, a micro event might be your best bet because having a small group makes it easier to travel to remote areas, plan activities, and assist with accommodation. 

That said, a micro wedding means some members of your crew won’t receive an invite. The truncated guest list means you have to be okay with the majority of your friends and relatives missing out on participating in your special day in person.

Aside from travel, if your budget is limited and you prefer to allocate funds to detailed aspects of the wedding like decor, bespoke clothing, or even a honeymoon, a micro wedding helps to redirect funds that are otherwise earmarked for providing food and drink to a large number of guests. 

If large groups feel overwhelming to you, a micro wedding ensures spending quality time with guests is significantly easier because there are fewer people to split your time among. For those who are unable to attend, live-streaming the event is always a viable option. These days it’s super simple to communicate over video.

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Get Hitched at a Unique Austin Venue

Some couples dream of having a big, fat Greek wedding, and others prefer a more intimate affair. Because of Covid, the wedding industry is quickly adapting to the latter, meaning couples can still celebrate in beautiful venues, enjoy delicious catering, and hire a professional planner. 

Are you ready to start planning your micro wedding in Austin? More and more wedding vendors are offering micro wedding packages that allow for smaller celebrations with increased flexibility. 

We at Vuka offer a beautiful and simple venue for you to turn into your dream wedding location. Our carefully curated micro wedding package is all-inclusive and allows you to enjoy your special day exactly as you want.
Choose from our Vuka Bouldin Creek or Vuka North Loop venues and invite up to 50 guests. At both locations you’ll enjoy up to ten hours of blissful celebration, organized with the help of our micro wedding experts. We may be living in uncertain times, but at least you can be certain that your special day is safe, affordable, and memorable. Get started today and make your micro wedding dreams come true.