Corporate Meeting Space in Austin: Thinking Outside the Box

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Around the world, corporate meeting spaces are evolving as Zoom calls replace projector screens and local teams become global. Even so, meeting spaces remain vital as they set the scene for collaboration, brainstorming, and securing business arrangements.

So, where does that leave you for a corporate meeting space in Austin? In the past, corporate meeting spaces have been relegated to mundane office conference rooms. While these spaces have their perks, like a never-ending decent cup of coffee down the hall, there’s not much else that leaves an impression.

As the traditional meeting space is becoming outdated, it’s the perfect time to shake things up, branch out and consider renting space offsite for your next corporate meeting. From activity venues and trendy restaurants to hostels and customizable private spaces – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Begin your search to find offsite meeting space with this guide to great corporate meeting spaces in Austin. Let’s talk about the decline of the traditional meeting setup and explore some creative alternatives.

Decline of Traditional Corporate Meeting Space in Austin

Let’s look at the factors driving the decline in demand for traditional corporate meeting space.

Office Downsizing

One of the most notable ways the pandemic has impacted the corporate space is by eliminating the need for large offices and their in-house meeting rooms. Various sources echo the similar sentiment of businesses downsizing office spaces.

For example, 74 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs expect to reduce office space, and short-term office rentals will increase. Rather than causing an inconvenience by removing the conventional meeting room, this development has opened up doors to more innovative spaces.

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Different Working Formats

A collection of data from various surveys have revealed some interesting finds. Consider that the remote working format has increased the weekly meeting time by 10 percent, which equates to an average of three extra meetings per employee. While working from home, 70 percent of employees experienced a whopping 70 percent increase in meetings.

While meetings and communication are important for collaboration, communication, and building relationships, they can quickly become mundane. Choosing a different location for the corporate meeting space (or home living room) can inject a bit of enthusiasm.

Cultural shift

Experts suggest that the remote work movement is here to stay, along with the cultural shifts they come along with. While the office demand may return, it’s expected that there will be different parameters to reduce formalities in the working space. New offices will most likely center around collaboration and flexibility, remote companies will use less space, and hybrid work models are here to stay.

With this in mind, the traditional corporate meeting space in Austin has become outdated and uninspiring.

Different Options for Workspace

It’s time to think outside the box. If you’re looking for a unique space to host your next corporate meeting in Austin with potential partners, investors, or employees, then consider the following options as a starting point.

An Activity Venue

What better way to break the ice than a game of Topgolf? Networking activities are great before or after any meeting. Activity venues such as Topgolf Austin offer premium entertainment that loosens up attendees. If done before a meeting, everyone will be comfortable and relaxed by the time the agenda is passed around.

If you are aware of shared interests, you can also opt for another activity venue. For example, Waller Creek Boathouse in the Rainey Street Historic District offers a classy atmosphere to talk shop after a paddle in a kayak.

Prefer a meeting spot with a bit of a bang? The Range at Austin offers offsite meeting space to brainstorm and collaborate after a fun experience shooting targets.

There are various benefits of choosing an experience to precede the meeting, such as the following:

  • Reduce workplace stress and triggers
  • Provide an opportunity to connect over a shared interest
  • Improve communication
  • Encourage a more personal connection
  • Set the mood for future business arrangements

Top tip: It’s a good idea to set ground rules or lead by example. For example, clarify a dress code, offer to pick up the check, and decide beforehand whether alcohol will be consumed or not.

Trendy Restaurant

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but this may ring true for most everyone. Inviting clients or employees to join you for a meal at one of Austin’s celebrated restaurants is a great way to connect in a relaxed setting.

Austin may be known for legendary Tex-Mex, but the dining scene has a lot more variety than that to offer. There are several restaurants that are perfect for hosting a meeting, depending on the dietary preferences of those invited.

The restaurant of choice will depend on various factors such as:

  • Budget
  • Dietary preferences
  • Time of day (and the meal that will be eaten)
  • Nature of the business
  • The weather conditions (there are a few fantastic outdoor restaurants in Austin)
  • Number of guests

To whet your appetite, we’ve put together a few of our top choices;

  • a Condesa: a private venue that serves Mexican food for big groups
  • Vespaio: a local Italian spot in Bouldin that serves all the favorites
  • Lambert’s Downtown BBQ: an elegant yet cozy steakhouse in Downtown Austin
  • Elizabeth St. Café: a light and casual spot for a daytime meeting (with the option of an outdoor section)
  • Garrison: open-concept kitchen with a diverse menu set in a stylish venue

Top tip: While it’s always an impressive gesture to wine and dine your potential client, it also introduces the risk of leaving a bad impression. You might want to avoid the ribs or noodles on the first meeting!

Contemporary Hotel

Hotels have a special way of inspiring creativity and wanderlust. As hotels welcome guests from all over the world, they typically go above and beyond to provide a clean, secure and classy space. Hotels are especially great meeting venues when hosting guests from out of town.

Austin has been acknowledged as the coolest city in America, and we can’t ignore the correlation between the travel appeal and the increasing number of startups in Austin. Hotels have cottoned on to this fact and set up productive spaces to host corporate meetings while providing an alternative and relaxed setting for locals and out-of-town guests alike.

Some great hotels with meeting rooms include the following;

  • Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt: a hotel dripping with elegance and charm
  • Hotel Ella: a chic and classy boutique hotel on the outskirts of Downtown Austin
  • The Driskill: a landmark hotel in Austin with 13 unique meeting rooms
  • Lone Star Court: a hotel that combines luxury with modern amenities
  • Hotel Magdalena: a unique and versatile space for private meetings and events

Customizable Private Space

If you’re looking for a formal space with a twist, then a customizable private space is a great choice. There are options of workspaces and event spaces in Austin that inspire discussion and cultivate relationships.

On one hand, you can rent a space in a shared workspace and feed off of the energy of budding entrepreneurs and established creatives. Workspaces typically offer everything that you need for a productive day of work, such as conference rooms, on-site parking, and printers.

On the other hand, you can rent a private space that can be customized to best suit your needs. Just as a bride and groom will transform a unique wedding venue, a corporate team can create a dream space for large and small corporate meetings. Even better, some event spaces offer a hospitality team to assist with the design and execution.

Top Tips When Choosing a Corporate Meeting Space in Austin

Many people choose to hold corporate meetings in a clinical space because it’s a safe bet. If you plan to move your meeting offsite, there are various details to consider. Some planning can go a long way in nurturing a positive business relationship.

When planning your next corporate meeting, consider the following tips and suggestions.

Who Are Your Guests?

Understanding your guests and their culture plays a big role in planning an appropriate meeting. While some guests are easy to connect with over dinner and a glass of wine, others may prefer a desk and projector. It’s also important to consider dietary preferences, lifestyle choices, and interests. Making an effort to understand your guests shows that you care (this includes employees who you may think you already know).

Are Your Guests From Out of Town?

If your guests are from out of town, you can use the opportunity of an offsite meeting to show them a bit of Austin. Consider location, attractions, and landmarks when choosing your meeting location. If your guests are local, then you may want to consider proximity to home or introducing a change of scenery.

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What Is Your Budget?

Different venue spaces will be available at different costs. Some can be rented by the hour, while others have a day rate. Consider the length of the meeting and any optional extras you’d like to include (such as activities or catering).

Inspire and Connect at Vuka

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