Where to Find Cool Event Space in Austin

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Are you trying to find a cool event space in Austin? Choosing the perfect venue sets the tone for your occasion. So, whether you are hosting a wedding, a conference, or a party, one of the first things you should do is find a stylish and memorable venue.

Austin’s reputation for excellent food, nightlife, and hospitality makes it an attractive place to host events. It’s also emerging as one of the hottest startup hubs in North America, creating demand for conferences and other work events.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cool Event Space in Austin

Choosing a cool event space in Austin starts with thinking about the type of occasion you’re hosting. Different experiences require dramatically different venues. So, consider an area that is flexible and has a proven track record in hosting hip events.

Here is an outline of factors you should consider for your event:

Type of Event 

Weddings: A lot goes into hosting your special day. You’ll want a venue that looks gorgeous and, depending on your preference, has access to outdoor space. The location is important too, so choose an event space with on-site parking and access to local hotels.

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Private parties: Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days require a space with flexibility. To really set off a personal event, you’ll need a venue that will work with you to tailor the space. Additionally, you’ll want somewhere that can help you find vendors and any furniture and equipment you need to make the day work.

Corporate Retreats and Work Events: Corporate retreats and work events get a bad reputation. A large part of that is because they are set in uninspiring surroundings like dull hotel function rooms. So, impress your employees with a cool event space in Austin.

Fundraisers: Fundraisers are vital for most charities and other social projects. You’re asking your guests to attend and dig deep, so make them feel valued and comfortable with first-class surroundings that look and feel glamorous.


Location is essential to consider when picking your event space, with the type of occasion potentially having a heavy influence on the selected locale.

For example, conferences and weddings often involve guests traveling from far away, so be sure to choose a location with convenient transport options. Nearby accommodation and hotels are other factors to keep in mind, especially for multi-day events.

Make your space accessible by finding somewhere that has on-site parking. Additionally, look for a venue that can accommodate guests by running shuttle transportation.

Of course, the logistics of getting there is just part of finding a cool event space in Austin. You’ll want to find a space with visual appeal that matches your event aims. If it’s a trendy and exclusive event for a sophisticated crowd, a staid function room isn’t going to cut it. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, a hip event in a bustling, vibrant city like Austin is a perfect choice.


The next thing to consider is capacity. How many people will your event attract? And what activities are planned? For instance, both weddings and fundraisers are primarily sit-down affairs, but if you want your wedding guests to dance afterward, you’ll need space for a dance floor.

That said, think about your event numbers and the types of activities you want to facilitate.

Services and Amenities

Some venues will offer you little more than a room and a key. The rest is up to you. Renting tables, chairs, sound systems, and so on can be expensive and pose logistical problems. So, consider event spaces that include this equipment or have relationships with trusted, local vendors.

Date and Season

The time of year you host your event can have a huge bearing on the type of space you book. If your main event is planned for outdoors, remember that even humid, subtropical climates like Austin have a few cold days around winter. For indoor, summertime seminars, choose a venue with suitable A/C to create a comfortable ambiance. 

In general, having a bit of flexibility in terms of the indoors and outdoors is important. If catering is part of your plans, outdoor space can open additional possibilities, like bringing in an on-site smoker for famous Texas BBQ, for example. 


One of the ways you know you’re in a cool event space in Austin is because it feels exclusive. A private event space gives you the control to create an event that seems as if  it exists in its own little bubble. 


The look and feel of an event space are a big part of the experience. For weddings and parties especially, you’ll want a place where your guests walk in and are impressed. Therefore, find a venue that you can easily customize to the occasion

Even corporate events, like team meetings, can be elevated with branding and other decorations. 

Food, Catering, and Beverages

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, you may want to offer food and drinks. Venues that offer you flexibility with this critical element make for excellent options. 

For example, you might know a local vendor who can take care of the food. Or you might want to leave it all to the venue. Either way, an event with a good relationship with local vendors, a prep kitchen, and access to additional service staff will help with the smooth running of your event.


The layout is a vital consideration to make when you are hosting an event or party. Your setup will depend on the type of event, the number of attendees, and your planned activities. 

There are many things to consider when designing your floor plan. First, you’ll need to think about the traffic flow around your event. If it’s fully seated, make sure you have aisles that help people get to their seats with minimal disturbance of other guests. Similarly, a buffet-style catered event will need to allow easy access to chafing trays and bar service.

For conferences and work events, setup requirements can be tricky. Things like registration booths, entrances, exits, or areas with high traffic will all need to be positioned so that guests can move around the event efficiently.

Finally, stages and AV equipment are other factors that will influence your floor plan. They need to be accessible to guests without impeding movement and seating.


Acoustics can make or break live music and speaking events. Even the best sound systems in the world will struggle to work in a room that isn’t designed for events. So, look for a  cool event space in Austin that understands the needs of your occasion and will help you put on the best event possible.

Tips to Bring Your Cool Event Space in Austin to the Next Level

If you are hosting an event, you’ll want it to be the best it can be. Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Decorations and Branding

There are plenty of cool event spaces in Austin with a unique aesthetic. While that provides a beginning framework, you may want to decorate to make it your own. Look for event spaces that provide attractive furniture and surroundings so that you can accent those with your decorations or brand materials.

Provide Local Breweries

Several local breweries in Austin are making excellent craft beers. Consider offering a selection of locally sourced beers to give your event a trendy, hip feel.

Work With Local Food Vendors

If you want your event to stand out from the crowd, look towards local food vendors. There are many amazing options that go beyond the usual event fare of pre-made sandwiches. The food scene in Austin is diverse, so you’ll have loads to choose from. For those wanting an authentic, local flavor, you can provide Tex-Mex food in your cool event space in Austin. 

Operating Events During COVID-19

Running events during the pandemic means you’ll need to make special considerations.

Social distancing has seen many weddings move towards smaller, more intimate events. However, despite numbers being a little smaller, the events themselves require more space. Try to identify venues that are conscious of ensuring that your event can go ahead without too many issues. 

Considerations you’ll want to think about are:

  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Socially distanced tables and floorplan arrangements
  • Venues with a commitment to safety measures

All of the above applies to work events, too. Many businesses adapted to the last few years by leveraging technology, like Zoom. However, in-person meetings are still important.

Unfortunately, many workplaces can’t scale up to accommodate socially distanced, in-person meetings. Hosting these events requires more space, which is why finding a cool event space in Austin is a popular choice among many tech startups and other businesses. 

Book the Event Space That Makes Your Day Stand Out

Whether it’s parties and gatherings or corporate retreats, team meetings, and conferences, you want your event to be inspiring, comfortable, and memorable. 

Vuka offers two incredible venues in downtown Austin that offer the flexibility you’ll need. Our awe-inspiring space, on-site managers, unique handmade furniture, and access to a prep kitchen are the primary ingredients of any great event. Then, depending on the occasion, Vuka can provide additional options like catering, bar service, event planning, transport options, and AV and other equipment rentals.

To get started, book an appointment to tour our spaces today so that you can begin to visualize your event. We can work with you to plan an event that’s sure to be memorable.