Guide to All the Vendors You Need for Your Austin Wedding


With its rolling hills and serene sunsets, Austin is one of the best cities to host your dream wedding. When choosing the perfect venue for your big day in this fascinating city, you want to choose one that combines hill country magic with sophistication. With this, you will have to explore hidden gems and picture-perfect grounds. You will also need to think outside the box regarding design and creativity.

Some of the most creative venues to get your perfect big day rolling in Austin include art galleries, beaches, botanical gardens, boats, theme parks, office spaces, and even antique stores. You can create a themed wedding that compliments the chosen venue to add even more glam to your big day.

While selecting a perfect venue is essential, working with vendors that will help transform your expectations into reality is more important. We have compiled a checklist to guide you on the vendors you need to make your wedding day successful.

Wedding Planner

The planner is top of the list of all the vendors you will hire for your big day. They will help by offloading responsibilities off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying your day. A wedding planner helps contract the other vendors, supervise their work and cover any glitches that may occur during the wedding. You will need to select a planner with experience and expertise in planning and executing the perfect nuptials.

A Custom Tailor

Weddings are all about fashion and making a statement. For most, wedding outfits are a big highlight of the day. The bride’s gown is not the only outfit that gets attention these days; the men also want to look fresh in their tuxedos. Shopping for the best colors, materials, and designs for your wedding outfits is only the beginning.

It all narrows down to the fit. Baggy shoulders, over-size blazers, poor-fitting waists, and over-tight hips can quickly turn a beautiful design into a catastrophe, which is why you need to work with the best tailors.

While importing wedding outfits is a viable choice, having a local tailor with experience and expertise in tailoring wedding gowns, bride’s maid’s ensembles, and tuxedos allow you to trust one professional individual with your wedding fashion. You can work with them through the designs and get them to make adjustments where necessary and on time.

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After tying the knot, you want your guests to enjoy a good meal. Regarding food, you can get a bit creative depending on the venue you choose or the experience you want to create. Hiring a food truck, for instance, can be a surprising addition to your wedding if you are hosting your big day in an open space.

You can use the food truck to serve dinner, dessert, or cocktail hour. You can get the setup done in a way that allows your guests to sit around it while eating or simply have a window where they pick up their food or drinks before heading to the main hall. However, food trucks serving the main meal are recommendable for weddings with a few guests as waiting in line to be served can be tedious and time-consuming.

You can also go the traditional catering way regarding food vendors. Traditional catering offers more food options and flexibility. When choosing a caterer, you should consider their years of experience in catering, their menu, whether they allow for food tasting, their prices, and their consistency. While some venues will allow you to bring your food vendors, others are not open to outside vendors. Therefore, confirming with the venue their flexibility regarding outdoor catering is essential before settling on the food vendor of choice.


Documenting your big day is key to reminiscing and reliving those times. A photographer is, therefore, a key vendor to hire. Some of the best photographers in Austin come with a videography package to ensure every moment is captured and saved.

To choose the perfect photographer for your day, you will have to evaluate the quality of their photos and videos from their portfolio. You will also need to consider their experience, photography design, creativity, and costs, to ensure you are getting value for your money.

Most photography companies have multiple photographers, and it is essential to identify the specific photographers to work with on your wedding day. You can then familiarize yourself with their photography style by doing a shoot before your wedding.

Wedding Designer

What is a wedding without flowers and decorations? Flowers help to liven up your venue, add some sophistication and act as a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. A designer is in charge of the d├ęcor and aesthetics of your wedding to bring the visual part to life, and you want to go with a designer who understands the assignment. Some wedding designers come as a package of florists and decorators, but other times you might have to hire them separately.

Like photographers, you must check out their portfolio before settling for one. Going flower shopping with the designer is recommended if you prefer a specific type or combination of flowers. The best designer to pick would be one with an outstanding reputation, open to ideas and adjustments, creative and passionate, attentive to detail, and offering a one-stop shop for all decorations.


Some caterers include the cake as part of the catering package. However, if your caterer does not specialize in cakes or wants to work with a specific baker, you will need to talk to them six months before the wedding. You and your partner can go for cake tasting and choose the preferred designs and decorations before the baking begins.

Rental Company

Austin has fantastic gardens and parks to host weddings. If you decide to go with an outdoor space, you will need to hire a rental company to deliver and set up chairs, tents, tables, and even dinner wares. They should be able to do the setup a day before the wedding to avoid inconveniences on the day.

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Band/ DJ

Your wedding will not be complete without a performing band or DJ to get your guests on the dance floor. When choosing a band to perform, you must listen to the music selection to determine whether it aligns with your style. Do spare a thought to your family and friends when selecting the wedding playlist. If your goal is to have a full dance floor, ensure to choose a band or DJ that has the skills to get people off their seats. If you need specific songs played at certain times during the wedding, notify the band or DJ beforehand.

Other Vendors to Incorporate

  • Hair and makeup stylists
  • Transportation company
  • Jeweler
  • Wedding Officiants

Questions to Ask Vendors

What are the Charges?

Some vendors will charge an arm and leg for services you can get elsewhere at a lower price. It is essential to enquire about the prices first to ensure they are worth the benefits and stay in line with your budget.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Asking this question will help you gauge their experience and commitment. You can also ask for reviews of portfolios to ensure you are settling for the best.

Do I Have to Pay a Deposit?

Most vendors demand that you pay a deposit to help them make planning and execution easier. Paying a deposit also shows that you are committed to them and will not switch up to another vendor during the last time. Discussing whether a deposit is compulsory and how much you should pay is essential to help you stay within budget.

Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

If unexpected circumstances force you to cancel your wedding, you need to know whether the vendors have a cancellation policy and whether it favors you.

What is Your Backup Plan?

Should the vendor fall ill or not be available at the wedding, they need to inform you of the backup plan. In the case of the venue, especially outdoor venues, they need to let you in on their backup plan in case it rains.

Begin By Booking Your Wedding Space Today

Before choosing vendors for your big day, you want to ensure you have a venue you love and one that accommodates different ideas and vendors. The venue should be available for your wedding and have enough sitting space for your guests. If you want to secure a wedding venue in Austin, Texas, Vuka is your solution. We have top-notch outdoor and indoor spaces to host your dream wedding and give you a lifetime experience. Reach out to us for more information and booking.