How to Choose a Coworking Space

How to Choose a Coworking Space

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way Americans live and work. More specifically, the need for hybrid and remote work has grown as social distancing is still a top priority. This growth is also because more employees prefer more flexible work environments. For this reason, learning how to choose a coworking space to support these new desires has become essential.

A survey conducted by Pew Research Center stated that before the pandemic, many employees did not perform telework, even if they could do their work from home. Only one and five employees indicated that they worked all or most of the time remotely. However, the rise of the pandemic led to 71% of those same workers leaving their corporate office to work from home almost exclusively.

Undoubtedly, coworking spaces are here to stay. They have opened up a new world for improved work environments, community, and inspiration. But with the growing popularity of coworking spaces, choosing the best one that checks off everything on your must-have list can be difficult.

So how can you choose the best space for your needs? If you’re interested in investing in a coworking space to improve your workflow, read on to learn what to look for when finding the best work environment for your needs. 


Having a suitable coworking space for your needs is undoubtedly essential. But it’s equally important to invest in a space that meets your budget. The good news is that many options range in price to meet your financial budget. 

It’s important to note that how much you spend will depend on various factors, such as the popularity of your location, the type of space you choose, and what amenities you need for your space.

To get the best value, creating a list of must-haves is a good idea. Additionally, list a few things you may desire in your space but aren’t necessarily a requirement. This will allow you to customize your coworking space to meet your needs and help you avoid spending money on amenities you may not use.  


Another essential factor to consider when choosing a coworking space is your location. While this may seem minor, it is something to consider as this space will likely become part of your routine.

The good news is that you will find coworking spaces in many different locations, from more suburban areas to those located in the city. 

This is an excellent time to consider what type of location will benefit your everyday needs. For instance, do you mind commuting? Or, do you prefer your coworking space near home for better convenience?

Another thing to consider is whether you desire local conveniences, such as restaurants, parking, shops, and public transportation. If so, you may prefer a coworking space in or near the city. 

Ultimately, deciding what matters most to you in your space location will help you maximize the benefits and ensure that you have an enjoyable coworking experience.

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A Sense of Community

One benefit of working in a coworking space is that many focus on fostering community. Rather than working in isolation, you can be inspired by others who are working alongside you rather than working in isolation, which can spark new ideas, increase productivity, and boost your work experience.

However, not all coworking spaces are made the same. Unfortunately, some facilities don’t prioritize community, which may provide the same experience as if you were working from home. 

When choosing a coworking space, look for ones that emphasize community and connections. These spaces tend to host events and programs designed to keep workers inspired and connected. 

Conference Rooms

Having a flexible coworking space is undoubtedly a necessity for employees. Today’s work environment is easily unpredictable, and workers need to know that their space can accommodate these changes. 

This means that it’s essential to have a coworking space that offers more than just a desk but can also provide conference and meeting rooms. This is one of the most desired amenities for workers.

Conference rooms and meeting rooms enable workers to have one-on-one meetings, group meetings, and even host events. A good coworking space will have various rooms to help you tailor your space to meet your growing work needs.

For instance, you may need a smaller meeting room with high-speed wi-fi and a printer to conduct a small meeting. On the other hand, you may find that you need a large conference room that holds a certain number of people and offers amenities, such as a large projector, whiteboards, and even options for catering. 

With that said, be sure to review potential coworking spaces to see whether these types of features are available to users. If they offer these types of features, see what each meeting room provides individually. Some coworking spaces offer basic amenities, while others may offer a more comprehensive list of amenities to meet your needs.

High-Speed Internet

Almost all coworking spaces include the internet. But high-speed internet is essential to ensure you can confidently tackle the workday. Unfortunately, not all coworking spaces offer the most efficient internet service, which can be a hassle. A poor internet connection can make it difficult to send and receive important emails, conduct zoom meetings, and ultimately complete critical work tasks. 

For this reason, choosing a space that provides the internet services you need is crucial based on a typical workday. Many offer basic internet services for free. But it’s also possible that you can pay an additional fee for an upgraded internet experience. 

Flexible Workspace

Another vital thing to pay attention to when choosing a coworking space is ensuring that the facility offers a flexible work environment. The coworking facility should have various workspaces to meet your needs.

Many people who use coworking spaces find it important to have a flexible facility that can grow with their needs as demands change. Here is a closer look at the different types of facilities you can choose from:


A coworking space is one of the most popular options for hybrid and remote workers interested in a workspace away from home. This doesn’t just provide you with a different environment to conduct your work; it offers numerous benefits to enhance your work experiences, such as your ability to have a flexible work schedule and its cost-saving benefits. 

Another benefit to consider is that you’ll receive a creativity boost. By working with others, the possibility of gaining new perspectives increases. Not only this, but there is an opportunity for collaboration due to the ability to network in coworking environments. 

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Dedicated Desks

Another option you can choose is a dedicated desk. This type of desk is assigned to you for as long as you rent it, and can be used for your specific needs.

There are many benefits to having a dedicated desk. For instance, it offers you more privacy while you work. Some people are concerned about others viewing confidential information. But having a dedicated desk can eliminate those concerns by providing a more secluded work environment.

Another benefit of a dedicated desk is the option to personalize your space. This ensures you have everything you need while working and ultimately helps you work more efficiently. 

A dedicated desk can also provide you with more focus. If working closely with others serves as more of a distraction, this option can provide you with the perfect balance of community and privacy for a more productive work day. 

Private Offices

Choosing a private office within a shared workspace offers the best of both worlds. For starters, it can give you more control over the appearance and function of your office space. 

Another benefit of a private office is increased confidentiality. If you’re working with sensitive information, this type of space will offer you the most privacy and security to ensure that you protect all essential information. 

In addition to this, it offers minimal distractions. If you prefer to work in a more isolated setting, having a private office can make it easier for you to concentrate on your work, improve your focus, and boost your productivity. Even better, you’ll still benefit from shared amenities, such as conference rooms, printers, and other available amenities. 

How to Choose a Coworking Space: Get Inspired with Vuka

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