How to Choose What Size Venue Rental You Need


If you have an upcoming event, several details will require attention. One of the most significant decisions relates to the size of the venue. Remember that choosing the right venue has a considerable impact on the success of your event. When selecting the size of an event venue, it’s a no-brainer that it should be big enough to accommodate the attendees. 

Nonetheless, some event organizers forget that a venue could be too big for their events, making the space seem empty. The venue size needs to reflect the number of attendees you plan to have and the vibe you want to create. Finding the perfect event venue is challenging, but here’s how to choose the right venue size for your event: 

Mood and Atmosphere 

Creating an atmosphere and ambiance that relates to the event and appeals to the audience is critical in choosing the venue size. Smaller venues are excellent for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere, while larger venues are suitable if you want your event to have a spaced-out feel. 

Decorating or modifying an event venue is expensive, so you may want to choose one that aligns with the ambiance you’d like to create. Renting a modern event space is ideal if you want to create a trendy atmosphere, while industrial and open spaces are excellent when hosting trade shows. Choosing the perfect event space and the right size helps you set the right mood come d-day. 


Every event space is limited in terms of the number of people it can accommodate at any time. So, before deciding on the venue size, ensure it can comfortably and legally accommodate the expected number of invitees. When people think about venue size, the first thing that comes to mind is physical dimensions. Nonetheless, event venues have more to do with capacity and less with physical size. 

These are the questions to ask yourself when determining whether the event venue’s size is appropriate: 

  • How tight will the seating arrangement be? 
  • Will the guests be able to move freely without hindrances? 
  • How big does the event space feel? 
  • Is it open and spacious? 

Two event venues of the same size might have different capacities. The number of people a venue can accommodate depends on room layout and seating arrangement. So, these should be key priorities when determining the appropriate venue size for your event. Regarding venue capacity and minimums, you should remember that there are fire and safety codes a venue must abide by. 

It may also be helpful to ensure that the venue size allows you to make the necessary adjustments based on attendee feedback. Ask yourself whether it will be possible to adjust the venue size based on attendance before or during the event. This will ensure that the space doesn’t feel too sparse or cramped and ruin guests’ experience. 


When considering event venues based on size, location should get prioritized. Of the many factors to consider when choosing an event venue, few are as critical as location. Before checking out different sites, decide what’s essential to you and the event attendees. 

If proximity to transportation hubs is a key priority, you’ll want to find venues in or around city centers. Similarly, a suburban event venue will be excellent if parking is a must-have. Providing attendees with event maps or even an event app goes a long way in enhancing their experiences. Searching for event information, including location and schedules, will be easier.

Besides event location, accessibility is another critical factor when selecting a venue. Ensure attendees can find and access the event venue easily, or you risk ending up with an empty room come d-day. For starters, enumerate how and when they should attend the event. Also, enlist the available transportation options, especially for attendees unfamiliar with the area. Having clear signage to and at the event location is equally critical. 

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Undoubtedly, planning an event can get expensive. Besides the cost of renting a venue, you’ll incur expenses related to catering, decorations, and transportation. These costs tend to add up quickly, hence the need to choose a venue size you can afford. Here are some tips you can use to find an affordable and apt-sized event venue: 

  • If you work from a shared office space in Austin, TX, consider hosting your event within the premises, especially on weekends or the evenings. Such facilities are spacious enough to accommodate your event and get rented at lower rates than full-service venues. 
  • Consider sharing the event space with another group that might also be holding an event. Hosting two concurrent events at a single facility will help you save money and optimize the available space. You could also forge partnerships if both events are in the same line of work. 
  • Inquire about discounts, especially when renting the event space during off-hours or weekends. The chances are you might land a deal or get a larger venue at a bargain price. 

Look for Something Unique 

There’s no better way to add flair to your event than finding a unique space. In this regard, look beyond the dated, stuffy banquet centers, windowless event halls, and side rooms at local sports bars. Instead, look for unconventional establishments such as co-working spaces that want to build up their clientele. 

Historical locations, barns, and industrial spaces are the other venues you may want to consider. Such nontraditional locations tend to be more spacious and also give the event attendees something to talk about in the end. 

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Price is undoubtedly the most significant determining factor for an event venue’s size. Generally, there are several ways event venues charge for their space. Most have a flat rate that includes all the incidentals, whereas others charge additional fees such as parking and utilities. When considering an event venue’s size, consider the total cost you’ll pay when booking it. 

An easy way to do this is by listing all the services the event venue offers before determining how much each will cost you. Even after finding the right venue size for your event, you may exceed the budget if the incidentals cost too much. Thus, ensure all costs get figured out before money changes hands. 

Venue Experience 

Your event venue size, location, and everything else won’t count for much if it doesn’t deliver the ultimate guest experience. After finding a venue, get references from past clients, co-workers, or others who may have attended an event there. This way, you’ll get an idea of the venue’s experience and suitability. 

You may also want to check the location’s website for pictures, attendee reviews, and ratings. You’ll get an idea of what the venue offers and what you should expect. For instance, if the event location has a restaurant, the reviews will help determine whether their meals are well-received or overpriced. Likewise, you’ll also learn more about the amenities on offer and whether they’re well maintained. 

Inquiring whether a venue has hosted events similar to what you’re planning is also advisable. For instance, a venue designed for weddings may not be suitable for corporate events. For this reason, it’s best to ensure that what you’re considering has the experience and amenities required to host the event you’re planning. Striking the perfect balance between venue size and guest experience will go a long way in making your event successful. 


Have you ever attended an event held in a room whose size meant it was too loud for comfort? Or perhaps the venue was too large, and you had to strain to hear when someone was speaking? Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence in event venues. The size of the event location significantly affects its acoustics; that is how sound travels through the room. 

A small venue may seem cozy, but the space will likely be louder, especially if it’s tightly packed. On the other hand, a vast warehouse-style event location may cause reverberations and echoes, hampering communication. Although acoustics don’t necessarily impact your choice of the event venue, choosing the right venue size goes a long way in improving them. 

Finding the Perfect Event Location in Austin, TX 

When choosing a venue for an upcoming event, you need to consider many things, but none is as essential as venue size. It affects everything from attendees’ experience to attendance. It’s best to plan well and ahead of time and always think outside the box when choosing the right location for your next event. At Vuka, we offer a range of event spaces designed to accommodate various event needs. We’re committed to helping you design and curate your best event. We’re your go-to event location, whether you’re planning a wedding, private party, corporate retreat, or fundraiser in Austin. As part of our turnkey services, we provide AV, catering, planning, and bar services at your event and can also link you with local vendors. Contact us to learn more about our event space.