How to Find the Perfect Dedicated Office Space in Austin

dedicated office space austin

Finding dedicated office space in Austin has many advantages. It gives you all the benefits of shared workspaces, like networking, flexibility, and community, while allowing you to retain the structure and security of a permanent desk.

Digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are growing in number. Some estimates suggest that there are almost 60 million Americans actively freelancing. People already had opportunities to earn a living with just a laptop, an internet connection, and a set of skills. And when COVID-19 came along, remote and hybrid working went mainstream.

The result of all of this is that the nature of work has changed dramatically in recent years. In many cases people don’t want — or need — to be attached to fixed locations any longer. However, simply working remotely from home isn’t the most productive arrangement for everyone.

Shared working spaces offer a perfect middle ground. All the convenience of an office, but without the isolation and lack of human interaction that usually stems from working from home. It’s no wonder that coworking spaces are expected to double by 2024.

Dedicated Office Space in Austin: The Lowdown

Dedicated office space is a desk in a shared workspace that is always yours. Some remote workers are happy to hot desk and just plug in wherever there is a chair. But dedicated office space offers an excellent blend of privacy alongside the significant social elements of a vibrant coworking environment.

Your environment has a significant bearing on your productivity and happiness. Research shows that 89% of workers are happier since they’ve joined a coworking space. The same survey also suggests that 80% of workers feel less lonely and have expanded their social networks since joining a shared workspace.

Dedicated Office Space vs. Other Types of Office Space

When you’re looking for dedicated office space in Austin, you’ll find a few choices. The three main options are:

·  Shared workspace

·  Dedicated desks

·  Private offices

Each alternative gives you access to the social perks of coworking, but a dedicated desk or office offers more privacy, structure, and continuity.

A dedicated desk is the best choice for someone who wants to set up a permanent place alongside the same people. It means you can organize your desk to enhance your workflow, have easy access to your equipment, and never have to worry about finding a space.

What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Office Space?

Here are some of the reasons why workers prefer a dedicated workspace.

Wired Internet Connection

Some types of work require a more stable or faster internet connection than WiFi can provide. For example, photo or video editors need to upload and download large files. Additionally, wired internet offers more security, making it a good option for remote IT workers.


Many employees use specialized ergonomic furniture to help with posture, back problems, and other stresses and strains from sitting in a chair for long periods of the day. Additionally, people with disabilities require spaces with wheelchair access or other tailored adjustments.

Setting up your equipment each day is a drain on your time. Having it there and ready to go is a great way to ensure you have the environment you need.


When you sit at a desk working hard all day, sometimes you need something to remind you why you work such long hours. A picture of your partner or your kids can give you a little bit of a boost and give your desk some color.

Of course, personalizing your workspace is about more than sentimental photos. Calendars, equipment, or even a picture of that Mexican beach you plan on retiring to can help inspire you throughout the day.


Most coworking spaces have some form of onsite storage. However, a dedicated office space will often come with desk lockers or filing cabinets. If your job requires you to have access to lots of different pieces of equipment, this can save you a lot of time.


If you have a small team, having a dedicated office space for everyone together can help the team collaborate and communicate. While Zoom and Slack are excellent remote working tools, sometimes you need in-person collaboration to feel connected and productive.


What Do You Need From Dedicated Office Space in Austin?

Finding dedicated office space in Austin involves thinking about what you need. Locating a shared office is one thing, but if you’re going to spend a lot of time somewhere, you’ll want it to have inspiring features and facilities.

So make a list of what you need from a working environment. It could be late-night access, onsite parking, occasional guest access, or private phone booths. Whatever your requirements are, commit them to paper, and look for somewhere that can accommodate those needs.

What To Look For in a Dedicated Office Space in Austin

Here’s a list of things you should consider while exploring dedicated office space options:

Access to Conference Rooms

You never know when you’ll need to call a meeting or present something to investors or clients. The best coworking spaces allow access to conference rooms so you can hold the meetings and get-togethers that can push your business forward.

24/7 Access

What’s your schedule? Do you stick to a strict 9-5, or are you the type to turn up in the afternoon and grind it out until the early hours? If you’re a night owl, or your work depends on different world markets, you’ll need a workspace that offers a little flexibility, like 24/7 access.

Also, sometimes a client needs something done ASAP, and the only answer is pulling an all-nighter. It’s not pretty, but it has to be done. If that sounds like a scenario you could find yourself in, a dedicated desk is what you need.

Private Phone Booths

If you’ve got sales or confidential calls to make, you’ll want to do them out of earshot from the rest of your coworking space peers. Private phone booths are a huge plus in any coworking space.

Downtown Location

Finding a downtown dedicated office space in Austin gives you access to the city’s excellent recreational amenities. Being close to the shopping, music, art, and incredible food scene is both convenient and inspiring.

Meeting with clients or investors becomes far more manageable, as well. You can reach their offices when you need to meet, have them over to your workspace, or even host them in the conference room.

Free Parking

Unless you’re lucky enough to live downtown, you’ll probably need to commute to your workspace. Paid parking in a downtown location can soon start to eat into the savings you make by choosing a dedicated office space in Austin.

Finding a coworking space with free parking will save you time and money.


Office amenities are a big part of working effectively. So if you’re looking for dedicated office space in Austin, you’ll want to find somewhere that provides the sort of amenities that makes your life and work easier.

High-speed WiFi is non-negotiable. But other essentials, like printing and scanning machines, access to conference rooms, and private photo booths, can all boost your productivity. So ensure your coworking space has amenities that support you.

Furthermore, because we’ve all got to take a breather from time to time, finding an office space that has a breakroom or a garden is a huge plus.



Facilities are an important consideration when looking for dedicated office space in Austin. Kitchen facilities and access to complimentary tea and coffee will save you considerable money on lunch and trips to Starbucks.

Great Community

Perhaps the best part of a coworking space is the chance to be part of an extensive community of like-minded people. Meeting interesting people and networking is very fulfilling. Sharing and learning about new ideas, businesses, and people is immensely inspiring. Additionally, being around others who are working hard can boost your productivity.

Guest Access

Sometimes you’ll want to bring a person to your workspace. It could be a client, a collaborator, or even your mother. So make sure to find out the policy of your coworking office space. The best spaces allow you a limited amount of guests per month. 

Those Little Extras

If you have small personal requirements, you need to find an office space that can accommodate you. For example, do you have a well-behaved dog that goes everywhere with you? If so, finding a dog-friendly office space means you won’t have to feel guilty for putting in some extra hours of work at the expense of your best friend.

Find a Space That’s as Dedicated as You Are

Whether you’re a startup, an entrepreneur bootstrapping the next killer app, a freelancer, or a remote worker, finding a dedicated office space in Austin can give you the structure and security to achieve your goals.

Vuka has two bright and airy workspaces with everything you need from a dedicated office. Free parking and 24/7 access mean that you can use our superb facilities and amenities on your schedule.

And while you’ll have your own desk that you can set up and personalize to enhance your productivity, you’ll also have all the benefits of a coworking space, like networking, reduced overheads, and a strong creativity boost. If you’re ready to unlock the potential of dedicated office space in Austin, get in touch today.