Think Outside the Box With an Outdoor Event Venue

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With the end of Covid 19 hopefully approaching, people are seeking just about anything but isolated shelter. When everything from small gatherings to restaurant seating was pushed outside for safety reasons this past year, many people gained a new appreciation for the great outdoors. 

Although there is currently a growing sense of comfort in terms of Covid, outdoor event venues and seating plans are here to stay. The shift outdoors has encouraged businesses to be more creative when it comes to decoration and how to make their space unique.

According to a Business Insider study, “Research suggests it’s important to make time to get outdoors, since doing so is beneficial — maybe essential — for human health. Psychologists and health researchers are finding more and more science-backed reasons we should go outside and enjoy the natural world.” 

Many people, especially after the last year of virtual life, spend their days stuck inside behind a screen when there is a whole world of opportunities to strengthen your well-being outside. It is all available at your fingertips, and all you have to do is walk out the door. 

What Are the Benefits of Being Outdoors? 

Being outside can improve your physical and mental health in more ways than you can imagine, so why wouldn’t you want your celebratory event to provide people with the opportunity to be their best selves? An event is most successful when everyone is their happiest, and here is why that event should start outdoors. 

Take Care of Yourself by Enjoying Time Outside

The outdoors is scientifically proven to improve your creativity levels, memory, and increase your mood. Also stepping out to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors is associated with taking a break from responsibility, therefore it serves as a stress-free environment. Whether you have guests coming to a wedding, a business conference, or a reunion celebration, you want them to be able to feel this satisfaction to truly enjoy their time. 

Alongside these highly positive benefits, being in awe of a beautiful surrounding is a great way to boost your mental health as well. Your guests will be less stressed, more focused, and able to appreciate the surrounding area. The natural light, refreshing smells, and calming sounds of nature work to create the most serene atmosphere you can choose for your occasion.

Now that anxiety levels are down and spirits are high, what can you do to further increase a guest’s experience in an outdoor event venue? This question can be answered through the choices of designing your event and the essential details. 

Make the Space Yours

The choice is yours when deciding how to design this outdoor venue, so take advantage of what decorations nature already provides you. Whether this event is professional or social, how you present it is up to you. In most cases, you will have more space outside than you would if your event was confined to an indoor facility, and you would be limited to less creative decorative options. 

This is your chance to think of a plan to create your event in a way that no one has ever experienced before. This might be the first time since the pandemic your guests have gathered together again, and you want to make this an especially exciting and special time for each and every one of them. 

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When planning an indoor event, you are dealing with a much less flexible area and limited space. When considering the size of your event, an outdoor event venue can save you money, give you creative options for decor, and is more sustainable for the environment. 

Outdoor event venues typically don’t require as much equipment, making it more cost-effective and you are doing the Earth a favor. According to IACC “Venues with environmentally-friendly landscaping are proving to be more popular. Maximising the use of natural light is also a plus. This simple design consideration not only helps reduce energy consumption, but it can also boost the room’s energy.” 

Choose Your Desired Atmosphere

An outdoor event still gives that intimate feel while offering guests the option to spread out in the space and breathe the wonderful fresh air. It also might be beneficial to choose a space with both an indoor and outdoor option. This way, you can utilize both the spaces and can accommodate all of your event’s needs. 

With climate and location being other factors to consider in choosing a venue, it is essential to take into account when your event will take place and who will be in attendance. Making sure your guests are comfortable should be the top priority, so choosing a season or city with desirable weather and transportation availability is a great place to start. 

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Deciding to go with a smaller space or perhaps a more intimate guest list will open up the option to spend the rest of the budget elsewhere. For example, if you choose an outdoor event venue for a wedding, the money saved can go towards a honeymoon or even a downpayment on a house. Fewer guests also help create a more controlled environment and are much more predictable. 

Micro weddings became popular during Covid, but their intimacy and budget-friendly benefits will likely keep them trendy for the foreseeable future. Whether you are planning a small wedding or event, some venues offer turnkey services that include everything you need in one price. You can often make selections based on their menu of options, but you won’t have to source everything yourself.

Lastly, when choosing a venue you want to make sure you know what is being provided there and what you have to plan for. Some important necessities are bathrooms, parking, furniture, and access to audio and visuals that you might need for this event. Everyone is ready to celebrate again, and all of these amenities make it easier for you to have all of the logistics taken care of, so you can celebrate as well. 

It’s Time to Celebrate

As the pandemic taught us, a change of plans is not out of the question. We want to give you confidence in choosing somewhere that your outdoor event can be most successful and a place where unforeseen change can be accommodated. 

With all the benefits that the beautiful outside world gives us, the least we can do is appreciate it and use it to make our guest’s experience unforgettable. When considering the details of your event, make sure to value comfort and flexibility when choosing a venue, and the rest will fall into place.

Planning an event can be nerve-racking with the overwhelming amount of options, but let us ease those nerves by helping you plan the unique event that you have in mind. We have all the amenities you need for your event to run smoothly and can adapt our space to your liking. Your wedding, business conference, birthday party, or concert can be everything you dreamed of and more with the perfect space, and we have just the one for you.