Looking for a short-term office rental in Austin Texas?

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The Need for Short-Term Office Rentals in Austin

Remote work has come to stay. During the past year, we have all learned so much and know how to live and work without exposing ourselves to much COVID risk. But people are getting antsy, ready to get back into the office. Many small businesses allowed their rents to expire and are now looking for short-term office rentals in Austin to fill the gap until they know what they’re going to do going forward.

According to Forbes, this year, a combination of remote work and onsite work will start becoming the norm. Commuting is already tough on many employees, and more people will skip it entirely so they can be more productive and flexible in their work routines.

If you are ready for a change of scenery and want to try a short-term office rental in Austin Texas, now is a great time. Here, we share some tips and tricks before you reserve your space. 

Renting Your First Office Space

Just last year, a survey from UpWork revealed that 1 in 4 American’s will continue to work remotely. Experts project the number of remote and hybrid workers in the next five years will be nearly double what it was before COVID-19. 

We all got used to working from home during the pandemic. However, sometimes, it is hard to not fall victim to distractions and demands of home and family. 

Looking for a short-term office rental in Austin can give you space and freedom to increase productivity. According to The Balance Small Business, if you decide to get an office space, do it wisely. Consider your workers, either who they are or who you’re likely to hire.

What To Look For in Short-Term Office Rentals in Austin 

You want to keep your space professional, comfortable and follow your company’s culture, but can you get that in a short-term rental in Austin? Absolutely. Before you start looking for an office, think about the current needs and resources your employees and clients demand. 

Ruby.com states there are pros and cons when looking for a short-term office rental. Some of the benefits of a coworking space are lower costs, creating community, and networking. 

You should consider the following things when choosing a space:

  • Location: Make it accessible for your team and clients. Coworking space in Austin, for instance, enables entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and remote office employees to come together in a communal setting. You want the location to be convenient for everyone. 
  • Team Size: If you are hosting a status team meeting or an event requiring your whole team attendance, know that the chosen office has to warrant enough space for everyone to respect social distancing and still feel comfortable. 
  • Preferences: Will your team be taking calls or virtual meetings from this space? Make sure you are not leaving room for miscommunication or distractions. 
  • Costs: If you have a limited budget, think of ways to maximize a smaller space, consider flexible schedules for your workers, or simply keep your options open until you find a place that fulfills your needs. 

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Before you can begin looking for a short-term office rental in Austin, it is important to understand what your short-term needs are. Talk with your executive team and employees to clarify how many people are ready to come back into an office setting and who wants to remain at home. One of the benefits of short-term rentals is you can rent exactly what you need.

Short-term office space allows companies to adapt to the new normal and align with business requirements at any given moment. Even for employees who may be more comfortable working from home, you can provide a safe place for them to join meetings and interact if they want. 

Going Beyond Traditional  

When looking for a short-term office rental in Austin you have the freedom to think outside of the box. You can choose a non-traditional space that inspires creativity. 

Remember that your people are likely ready for a change of scenery and crave collaboration. Use the opportunity to find a fun and inviting coworking space everyone can enjoy.

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Your team can thrive while having private, beautiful office space. Most short-term office spaces include coworking spaces as well, where you and your team will have free access to kitchen space, as well as access to community networking events and private conference room space. Look for unique features, such as custom woodwork, large windows, and unexpected extras, like well-designed outdoor space.

Some additional features you should consider are: 

  • Amenities
  • Free on-site parking
  • Private phone booths
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • COVID-19 protocols
  • Site policies 
  • Accessibility 

Rental Office Best Practices

Medium states that a key component of the success of any coworking or short-term office space has been their behavioral guidelines. Work stations and shared spaces should actively build sub-communities of related professionals within their larger coworking ecosystem.

Before reserving your short-term rental office in Austin and bringing your team back into a physical office, take a look at the basic rules related to sharing etiquette in a professional setting. 

Avoid Noise 

Even with private offices, you may be sharing common spaces with others in the facility. Distracting noise is often an issue. You can help create a productive environment by requiring your team to keep their cell phone ringers on silent.

Respect Reserved Areas

Sometimes you feel the need to get out of your current spot and find another one that helps you concentrate. Keep in mind that if you are working in a rented office space, you have to use the designated space for you and your teammates. 

Be sure you understand the rules around reserving conference rooms, as those are shared among everyone in the coworking space. Jumping into another meeting room without permission is not only unprofessional but disrespectful for other collaborators. 

Keep Your Spot Organized

A short-term office rental may be smaller than what you’re used to, with shared spaces and open floor plans. It is essential to keep desks in order and give everyone a workspace of their own if possible. Providing ways to keep socially distanced and adhering to health policies is still crucial. 

You will also want to make sure your team respects others who may be renting and sharing the same spaces as you. Even though renting an office usually includes cleaning services, don’t assume all areas will be cleaned regularly. 

Be Friendly

Short-term rentals give you the opportunity to meet others renting in the same facility or using available coworking space. People who opt to come back into the office are probably looking forward to engaging with others again, so encourage mingling. It not only boosts the spirit, but it can also increase productivity. A healthy and supportive work environment is the foundation for developing great ideas and identifying growth opportunities. 

Explore Your Options

We are aware that going back to the office after months of lockdown might be difficult for some workers. The good news is that we got you covered, as we are also doing our best to offer a safe, inspiring space that suits your expectations. 

If you are looking for the perfect spot to office until things get back to normal, host your meetings, or get your team involved in networking events, we can help. Learn more about our coworking and event venues in Austin, Texas and contact us today.