7 Best Small and Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

unique wedding venue ideas

If you’re interested in a wedding that offers a more intimate setting and unique experience, a small wedding may be just what you need. These special events are personal, charming, and the perfect option for individuals who want to share their special day with a smaller number of loved ones. 

But small weddings aren’t just becoming a preferred choice for those simply looking for a smaller, personal setting. They’re also a lot more affordable than the costs associated with a large wedding venue. 

Today, small weddings are, undeniably, offering a lower stress but equally memorable experience for you, your partner, and your guests. Continue reading to learn about unique wedding venue ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Experience a Unique Wedding With a Smaller Guest List 

More people are gravitating toward small weddings to bring their dream idea to life. They are typically less stressful, more affordable, promote more quality time among guests, and give you a greater selection of wedding venue options.

Smaller weddings tend to have up to 50 guests, but the number is often even smaller than that. According to Brides Magazine, small weddings often include as few as 10 to 20 guests. This means you and your partner will have to shave your guest list and spend some time carefully thinking about those who matter the most to you and your partner. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list, the opportunities for a small wedding are endless, enabling you and your partner an opportunity to live out your dream wedding experience, just with a smaller crowd.

Larger weddings, on the other hand, can quickly cut into your budget and require more work and attention to detail. This can add to your stress and make it difficult to plan a unique wedding that you’ll love. But having a smaller guest list simplifies the wedding process and allows you to focus on creating an experience you’ll remember forever. 

Choosing the Best Wedding Venue

Once you’ve come up with potential wedding dates and have carefully created your guest list, it’s time to think about the best location. If you are looking for unique wedding venues in Austin, keeping your guest list small will provide you with many possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect spot to create the best memories with your partner and guests. 

Having an intimate wedding allows you to genuinely connect with all of your guests. There’s no need to work the room and talk to over 200 people, potentially missing the guests that need to leave earlier than others. A smaller guest list means you’ll naturally be able to engage and co-mingle with everyone. This allows for more meaningful conversations and more time for guests to propose toasts. 

Keep in mind that there are a few things that you’ll need to consider when planning a small wedding. For instance, even with a small number of guests, having a wedding at a non-traditional location may require city permits or other permissions. You will also be responsible for meeting all safety protocols that may be in place. 

Additionally, no matter what location you decide on, design and atmosphere play an important role. Be sure that you choose a location that will not only provide a great atmosphere and well-laid-out design for the different moments you want to include in your big day but that can also offer great scenery for photos (if you don’t make alternate plans).

It’s also important to discuss parking and amenities with the venue, as well as the in-house guest services they provide. You want to find the perfect location for your unique wedding, and that includes provisions for the comfort and safety of your guests. 

Smaller weddings are versatile, fun, and an excellent way to celebrate your new union. With that said, here are a few options to help you start planning.

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Top 7 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas 

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of small weddings and are pleased to share our top 7 unique wedding venue ideas to help you start planning your dream wedding. If you’re ready to be inspired, continue reading. 

Outdoor Wedding Experience

Having your wedding outdoors can be a dream come true. Being in close contact with nature, natural lighting, and the relaxing ambiance makes you and your guests feel comfortable, free-spirited, and connected to the wedding experience from start to finish. An outdoor wedding is also an excellent option for those who strive to be environmentally friendly. In fact, keeping things green helps to save on energy. 

Ultimately, using the outdoors as a venue offers unique natural beauty to your wedding event. With the right setting, you and your partner may even be able to save money by minimizing the costs of floral arrangements. For instance, many beautiful places in nature are already adorned with natural flower arrangements, which can provide some instant and stunning decor for your perfect event.

One great example of a small, unique venue idea is a historic, local park. This is an easy way to keep things simple and more affordable. Having a small wedding in the park can feel poetic and inspiring. A local park enables you to start with a good foundation for creativity. Just be sure that you get permission or check to see if the park has packages that must be purchased before deciding to wed there. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the park you choose has nearby restrooms for the convenience of you and your guests.

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Reconnect with Your Family Home

An intimate wedding means having an intimate venue, which makes hosting your wedding in your dream family home an excellent option.  Nothing says comfort and connection than getting back to where you grew up. Your childhood home may be the perfect venue as you give your parents their moment in the spotlight.

Here Comes the Guide suggests that family home weddings are a perfect way to surround yourself with love and “to seat your nearest and dearest at a long table and enjoy a family-style meal together.” 

If you’re considering a small wedding, you shouldn’t have to worry about fitting your guests within your family’s home (or yard) either. This theme ultimately makes perfect sense for a small intimate wedding, as you’ll be sharing a piece of your life with a small number of loved ones and can make a new union feel even more memorable. 

Your Favorite Restaurant

Having a wedding at a restaurant is certainly unconventional for a large wedding, but it can be one of the best venue options for a micro wedding. When choosing a restaurant, it’s always a good idea to choose one that has meaning for both you and your partner.

For instance, you may choose a place where you had your first date, said your first “I love you,” or experienced the proposal itself. In this case, having a wedding at a meaningful restaurant can make the wedding experience feel like a chapter of your life coming full circle. A restaurant can be your chance to treat your guests to a beautiful meal while also potentially saving money if there are no rental fees involved.

Keep in mind that restaurants often have some restrictions. These restrictions may not be substantial, but it’s important to know ahead of time when planning your wedding. With that said, be sure to talk with the restaurant manager to make sure you can achieve your dream vision. Some restaurants will ask for a small fee to reserve a room, but this can often be negotiated if you guarantee an order minimum. 

Not only can you find a spot that is special to you and your partner, but choosing a restaurant may offer everything you need for a seamless wedding and reception experience. According to Wedding Wire, choosing a restaurant that shares something you both love is just another way to make your wedding personal for you and your guests.

Dock Wedding

If you live in close proximity to a lake or a beach, a dock wedding is an excellent option. A dock wedding keeps things simple and romantic but offers beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for creating an intimate wedding that includes your closest friends and family. 

What’s even better is that having a dock wedding is a great way to personalize your wedding and stay within your budget. If you have access to a boat, you can also enjoy a ride out on the water to celebrate your new union. You can have a dock-style wedding at any time of the year. However, it may be best to restrict this type of wedding to Summer, Spring, or Fall. 

Rooftop Wedding 

Do you love the idea of being on a rooftop? If so, then having a rooftop wedding may be just what you need for a small, unique wedding venue idea. A rooftop wedding is secluded, offers beautiful views, and provides a dramatic way to host your wedding event. 

A rooftop wedding can offer a stunning view and memorable experience, whether you live near a large city or in a more remote location. Just decide on some tasteful decor and get some romantic lighting, and you can transform any rooftop into the perfect wedding getaway experience. 

But that’s not all; having your wedding on a rooftop is probably one of the best venues to capture some amazing photographic memories. Due to the beautiful rooftop views, you may even want to consider setting up a photo booth where guests can take home images of themselves celebrating on the rooftop. 

Board a Sailboat

Not everyone can have a destination wedding, but an excellent alternative is hosting your wedding on a sailboat. A sailboat wedding is an exciting and dreamy way to create your wedding memory and is one of the most in-demand wedding themes for a small party. 

What makes a sailboat wedding venue even more interesting is that you can host your wedding and reception in the same place, offering a fun and seamless experience for you and your guests. In addition to this, you can find boats that provide an all-inclusive wedding package at affordable rates, which can potentially make this wedding theme full-featured but a little more cost-effective than most. 

Select Your Dream Venue and Make it Smaller

Even with a smaller guest list, you can choose a beautiful, larger wedding venue. Doing this allows you to customize the space to make it feel smaller in some areas while opening up the space in others. A relatively larger venue enables you to decorate the space in a number of ways, developing the specific vibe and atmosphere you desire. 

This allows you to have the best of both worlds. One area might feel small, intimate, and be full of low mood lighting, while another area may be open, airy, and inspiring. This choice gives you a controlled space for implementing any of your creative ideas while also offering you the convenience of amenities, great locations with parking, and other traditional wedding elements you might desire.

Celebrate Your Love with a Unique Wedding Venue in Austin

One great advantage of having a smaller wedding is that there are so few limitations to bringing your dream ideas to life. Ultimately, you can work with a smaller budget to put on a beautiful, memorable event while allocating the money you save elsewhere.

Now that you have our top 7 unique wedding venue ideas, it’s time to explore these ideas in more depth and discover the benefits they provide as you customize your wedding event to become the day of your dreams. Vuka can help you create a memorable wedding as unique as you are. Contact us today to learn how we can make your vision a reality.