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Micro Wedding Venue Ideas for 2021 and Beyond

The micro wedding trend was already on the rise before COVID-19, and we expect to see it grow even more during 2021. Micro weddings are personal and charming, perfect for smaller groups. We want to provide you with great micro wedding venue ideas to keep your event safe and memorable.

So, what is a micro wedding? We are talking about an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. This type of event requires you to strategically plan your guest list, a difficult task for those who struggle to keep their guest list to a minimum.

According to Brides Magazine, a micro wedding is typically 10 to 20 guests. Make your guest list is as small as possible, think about those who matter the most to you and your partner. You don’t want any hurt feelings, but when you keep the numbers at 50 guests or fewer, most people understand you have to choose only your closest friends and family. People typically get it when they weren’t invited to a wedding with 30-50 guests, as opposed to one with 300+ people.

Choosing Your Micro Wedding Venue

With your possible dates and your guest list ready, it’s time to think about location. If you are looking for small wedding venues in Austin, going micro won’t limit you as you search for the perfect spot and create wonderful memories.

Having an intimate wedding allows you to connect with your guests on a deeper level. Instead of trying to talk with 300 guests, for example, you can take time to thank all 50 of them personally for being there. You can engage in meaningful conversations and allow time for guests to propose toasts.

When it comes to location and micro weddings, there are key things you should consider. If you decide to have your micro wedding at a private residence, for instance, you may have to deal with city permits. You will also be responsible for meeting all safety protocols, especially with COVID-19 still a concern.

No matter which venue location you choose,  aesthetics matter. Look at the overall design and lighting as a backdrop for great photos. Discuss parking and amenities with the venue manager, as well as the in-house guest services they provide.

Keep in mind that your goal is not only to find that perfect spot. It should also be that your attendees are comfortable, safe, and can enjoy every aspect of your wedding. With micro weddings being so intimate, your guests will feel more part of your day than a larger fair and will be looking for ways to interact with you and each other.

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Whether you are going for a more minimalistic-style wedding or a fairytale ceremony, the following options will serve as a great starting point when choosing your micro wedding venue.

Top 3 Memorable Micro Wedding Venue Ideas

We’ve seen our share of micro weddings and are happy to share our top 3 micro wedding venue ideas. We hope our suggestions spark excitement and fresh ideas as you plan for your wedding day.

Outdoor Micro Wedding Venues

This option is not only trending due to the safety protocols during COVID-19, but it’s always a great idea to make your wedding spectacularly beautiful. Outdoor venues will add unique beauty to your event. Given the right setting, you can even save money by taking advantage of the existing setting instead of having to bring in tons of floral arrangements, for example.

The close contact with nature, natural lighting, and ambiance will allow you to make your guests comfortable and stay connected from beginning to end. If you like to keep things green, outdoor weddings are also a great choice for saving energy.

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The Dream Family Home

As you will be keeping this event intimate for your close friends and family members, nothing says comfort than getting back to where you grew up. Your childhood home may be the perfect venue as you give your parents their moment in the spotlight. Here Comes the Guide states that family home weddings are a perfect way to surround yourself with love and, of course, “to seat your nearest and dearest at a long table and enjoy a family-style meal together.”

The timing for an intimate micro wedding at home is perfect, considering the challenging past year. We are all looking forward to gathering with our loved ones again, even if it’s with masks. If you have the opportunity and space, a home wedding is always a special venue.

Your Favorite Restaurant

Though this option is non-traditional for a larger wedding, it can be a great smaller micro wedding venue idea. Often, couples choose the restaurant where they had their first date, their first “I love yous,” or the proposal.

Most couples usually spend time researching restaurants for the wedding rehearsal event. A restaurant is a great place to treat your guests to a beautiful meal while also potentially saving money if there are no rental fees involved. Restaurants often have some restrictions, so before you set your heart on hosting your wedding at your favorite local spot, talk with the restaurant manager to make sure you can achieve your vision. Some restaurants will ask for a modest amount to reserve a room, but you can often negotiate if you can guarantee a food and beverage order minimum.

Not only can you find a spot that is special to you and your partner or you love to frequent together, but choosing a restaurant may offer everything you need in one place. According to Wedding Wire, choosing a restaurant that shares something you both love is just another way to make your wedding personal for your guests.

Own Your Special Day

One of the greatest micro wedding benefits is that you fully own your event. Without having to worry about hoards of people and scaling back your wants to accommodate your budget, a smaller wedding will allow you to expand your creativity and spend your budget more strategically. You can either work with a smaller budget or do a lot more with what you have when your guest list is 50 or fewer. Either way, there are more opportunities to customize your party and make every detail your own.

Having greater control over your wedding details and bringing your vision to life will guarantee your wedding reflects you and your partner’s personalities and love.

According to Bridal Guide, micro weddings give you the chance to live out your dream nuptials, albeit with a smaller crowd. The go-to bridal magazine says, “While a micro wedding can be a cost-cutting choice, it can also be a way to refocus your wedding budget on what’s truly important to you.”

Now that you have our top 3 micro wedding venue ideas, we encourage you to explore them in-depth. Discover more about the benefits they provide to customize your event in the best way possible.

One more point to consider: your smaller wedding means you can have fun with the wedding activities. A micro wedding allows you to engage with your guests more personally, so think about adding various types of entertainment and unique activities everyone can enjoy together.

Planning your big day can be challenging, but we can help you make this journey more enjoyable as we guide you through the wedding process. We would love the opportunity to help you create a wedding as unique as you are.