Updated April 1st

To Our Community,

Vuka has always been a space for people to connect and come together. Serving the community has been at the forefront of what we do. It’s up to each of us to do what we can to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We remain resilient, and know Austin will thrive when this is over.

After the announcement of Mayor Adler’s closing of bars, restaurants and venues Vuka will be rescheduling all of our events scheduled before May 1st. If the City decides to lift the mandate before then, we will open our doors for events sooner. If you have an upcoming event scheduled with Vuka, you have received an email from our Head of Events, Ashley Innes.

On March 24th, Austin Mayor Steve Adler issued a Shelter in Place Order for the City of Austin until April 13th.

During this order, our workspaces will remain open under limited, virtual operations for members with keycard access. We strongly encourage members who are deemed nonessential businesses to follow this order. We will not be open to the public. If you are an essential employee and need workspace, please contact us. If you are a member, you have received an email from our Head of Coworking, Kristen Gerhard, with more details.

Now is not a time to social distance, it is a time to physically distance. And because of that we will remain operating virtually and are putting our heads together to see what that looks like in the coming weeks. We know postponing special events like your wedding, company retreats, or fundraiser is difficult. We know working from home due to lack of childcare or a loved ones’ illness is not an easy solution for our Impact Hub Austin members. 

We’re working on ways we can use our skills and network to develop virtual experiences that will support you while we’re physical distancing and support healing in this difficult time. This is a time to come together, and we are here to do our small part in supporting that happening in timely ways. We will follow up shortly with these next steps. In the meantime, if you have ideas of how you’d like to engage with us virtually please contact Mindy Morgan, our Brand and Communication Manager. 

Love, positivity, and hope are contagious, too. So let’s work together to spread love, not viruses.  


See you in soon, 

The Vuka Team